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, Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to conducting business within the USA, Canada, and Mexico trade lanes, selecting the appropriate logistics provider and transportation services is paramount. At Rockfarm, we offer comprehensive shipping solutions for domestic and cross-border shipments alike. Whether you need to transport goods within the U.S. or beyond, our team is equipped to assist you every step of the way. Choose Rockfarm as your logistics partner to ensure a seamless shipping experience.

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, Customer Satisfaction

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    North American Transportation Customer Satisfaction

    At Rockfarm, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your logistics team and attuned to your customer needs. Since our founding in 2008, we have seen a transformation in the industry that has seen technology take on a greater role within the industry to include predictive analytics, technology processes, and greater visibility of the shipment lifecycle. Rockfarm is at the forefront of this transformation.

    Technology aside, we have not forgotten what it takes to be a part of your team. The challenges you face in meeting the demands of your customers can only be recognized by developing trust and understanding your business. This is done through our strategic account team meeting with you onsite, providing intelligent transparency of the market and developing custom processes specific to your business.

    There are many reasons that Rockfarm ranks so high when it comes to customer satisfaction, including:

    • Transparency: We drive market intelligence into each of our Clients’ supply chains to keep them abreast of early trends and potential challenges. Our transparency helps lower costs as our customers dynamically shift volume between the contracted and spot markets.
    • Risk Mitigation: The potential for failure with your customer requires an action plan and visibility. Mitigating risk takes on many forms from carrier qualification and shipment delays to weather impacts, all leading to a customer service failure. Risk mitigation plans that provide qualified carriers, visibility of loads in transit, and delivery confirmations are some of the processes we deploy today to reduce the risk for our Clients.
    • Improved customer experiences: We work hard to bring you an improved customer experience that is developed through our Strategic Account Management Team. We’ll support you in your goals with a responsive and experienced team, customized services, and prompt help when needed. You can count on us.

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    Providing Peace of Mind About North American Transportation Services

    Your organization is busy, which is why Rockfarm not only provides North American transportation services but also reduces supply chain stress in a few crucial ways. We:

    • Work with a carefully-vetted carrier network: This reduces risk. Risk for Rockfarm and you as our customer is paramount. Proper authority, insurance, and safety ratings are monitored electronically on a daily basis to ensure the carrier pool is financially solid, road safety, and policies their drivers.
    • Make the order lifecycle transparent: This quality allows you to avoid the worry of wondering what’s happening with any order and ensures you have the information you need at your fingertips.
    • Mitigate risks: Your organization is already focused on serving customers and running your business. You don’t need to worry about risks too. Let Rockfarm help you minimize risks so that you can put the focus where it matters.
    • Improve processes and workflow: Are things running smoothly? With Rockfarm, workflow is one less thing to worry about, since we’ll assist you with resource reallocation and alignment to improve work and processes.

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    The Benefits of Working With Rockfarm

    Rockfarm understands that your organization’s transportation needs in North America go beyond just basic transportation services. To ensure that you’re able to meet your customers’ high expectations, you require a comprehensive transportation solution that is tailored to your industry and specific requirements. Unlike other logistics providers, we do not offer generic solutions. Instead, we offer customized transportation solutions that are focused on meeting your specific needs. 

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