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Logistics Fulfillment Offers A Full Suite Of Transportation Services Across The Usa, Canada And Mexico, Including All Modes.

Our logistics fulfillment services support growing companies by effectively deploying technology and resources to the direct benefit of our clients. Helping companies grow by creating visibility within the supply chain market is challenging. Having the team to support your supply chain is critical to your success and ours. Whether a client has one shipment per month or over 1000, we handle each freight shipment with the same importance.


North American Logistics Services

No matter your industry or project size, we are here to help drive savings and provide quality service. By combining our supply chain knowledge and skills with your logistics needs, we act as an extension of your logistics department.

Our Clients range from  sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. Our growing fulfillment service gives our clients the capability to have one contact across all modes and fulfillment services within the USA, Canada and Mexico trade lanes.

On-Time Pickup & Delivery

In today’s world of exactness, a well engineered supply chain is mandatory to meet the increasingly complex delivery requirements for each customer.  That engineering requires carrier partners that are connected, providing the most up to date information upon pick up and delivery.  At Rockfarm, performance measurements are critical in establishing trust as a key partner within your truckload solution.  Our performance measurements include on-time pickup and delivery, tender acceptance percentage, secondary lane acceptance percentage and a host of operational KPI’s all designed to provide clear visibility to our performance.

Carrier Qualification

Carrier qualification is vital to ensuring high performance and the potential for fraud is mitigated. As a key element within your carrier solution, Rockfarm ensures our role as a non-asset truckload fulfillment provider brings the highest level of carrier qualification and performance to your carrier network.


In today’s increasingly demanding supply chains, adding complexity to your carrier solution is often limited by the lack of resources, lack of technology and financial terms imposed on your solution.  At Rockfarm, we deliver value add services to our carrier partners such as quick pay programs, in-transit tracking, reporting and backhaul opportunities.  Our carrier partners can then be leveraged to provide a complex truckload strategy that increases your available capacity in the market, ensuring less give backs and better on-time pick up performance.

On Time Pickup (Rolling 12)

On Time Delivery (Rolling 12)

Claims Ratio (Rolling 12)

Billing Accuracy (Rolling 12)

Risk Mitigation

Gain access to comprehensive supply chain insights to enable more proactive responses to trends and challenges affecting the logistics industry.

We utilize a combination of propriety and non-propriety system platforms for comprehensive management of all logistics functions. With experience handling cold chain, hazmat and industrial products, our team of logistic experts are prepared to provide quality service to a diverse range of industries.

  • Our dedicated teams of service professionals promise customer satisfaction. Beginning with the carrier selection process, we know that our service and safety hinges on the use of trusted, established carrier partners. Our carrier partners go through a qualification process confirming identity, active insurance coverage and their safety rating.

    New trucking companies are starting up daily, and it’s our job to evaluate the ever-growing pool of potential carrier providers to ensure only the best are hauling our client’s freight. To become a qualified RT&T Logistics partner, a carrier must have established active operating authority and meet minimum insurance requirements for commercial auto and cargo coverage. The carrier must also comply with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) policies to maintain an adequate safety rating.

When you leverage our North American fulfillment logistics team to enhance your supply chain, you can be certain that you are working with industry experts who value lasting relationships. We synthesize customer service with technology to alleviate pain-points, providing your business with a consistent, top-quality partnership.

Load Connect

RT&T Logistics Load ConnectWe have stepped out of the typical freight broker world and created our own unique approach to logistics to drive client satisfaction and fulfill our carrier’s capacity. We understand that without our trusted carrier partnerships, we cannot succeed. Load Connect has enabled us to successfully bridge the gap that compromised service and carrier partnerships allowing us to meet and exceed our partner’s and client’s needs.

At RT&T Logistics our freight routes via our internal routing guide and Load Connect before hitting a public board. We saw a need for using our trusted carrier partners first, with public boards being a last resort. We qualify our carriers that are included within Load Connect. Our clients see the same carriers hitting their dock regularly. By handling our shipments via our routing guides and Load Connect, our carriers see our commitment to keeping them moving and, in return, provide the service our clients need and deserve.

Our cloud-based application allows for use on any webconnected device, such as your smartphone, tablet and desktop. This enables drivers to easily pick up their next load after a deliverwithout having to call in. Our Load Connect prioritizes visibility to our trusted carrier network before posting on any public boards. So, you can be certain that any non-contracted lanes you need shipped are picked-up and dropped-off by pre-qualified carriers committed to providing best-in-class service.


In addition to the rapid growth in trade between North America and Asia, trade amongst the NAFTA countries continues to grow at a very fast pace. As companies take advantage of sourcing and distribution opportunities across North America, we are continually driving valueadded services to reduce cost for our clients and improve customer experiences.

Our expertise and extensive network throughout North America empowers execution at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Whether by land, by air, or by sea, we stand prepared to connect you with trusted partners at competitive rates with direct line of sight to you as the customer.

  • Rockfarm Modal Air Freight ServicesThe culmination of your company’s efforts is recognized at the time of delivery. Your transportation department is often tasked with being the bridge to a successful outcome when a challenge arises. Whether it is an internal challenge or one due to your supplier or client, the challenge remains to create a positive customer experience.   Extending your logistics resources supports a solution that delivers the path to meet your customer expectations.

    Our team is committed to presenting all modal options and seamlessly executing the shipment. Our team of experts has coordinated and managed all air service levels across multiple industries.

With the explosive growth in e-commerce, companies are increasingly deciding to identify a shopping cart solution that will integrate with their current supply chain to identify the “cost to serve” the burgeoning e-commerce opportunity. Our fulfillment solutions will place your company name & logo on the packing list and include any additional marketing or promotional materials within the shipment, providing your company with additional brand-building opportunities and increased interaction with consumers. Your company remains the face of the operation while we manage the complexity behind the scenes. Lower your “cost to serve” with a Rockfarm solution.

Your Source for Comprehensive North American Fulfillment Logistics and Supply Chain Management

No matter the specifics of your business, or where and how your team works, we can put together a customized package of services based on your needs. As a division of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, RT&T Logistics has an extensive background in helping its clients succeed. Here are a few of the many ways we can help:


  • By providing peace of mind and proactive risk management over all logistics functions.
  • By using sophisticated, cloud-based fulfillment technology to create and share data-driven insights that save you money.
  • By helping you meet challenges associated with cold chain integrity, hazmat transportation, just-in-time delivery models and other issues.
  • By developing mutually beneficial partnerships with carriers and matching them with clients via our Load Connect service.
  • By drawing from our expansive knowledge base and the business intelligence of our clients to map out more effective supply routes.
  • By helping you find the best mode of transportation for your product.
  • By offering additional consolidation, distribution and fulfillment services that satisfy your unique business requirements.

An American Transportation Logistics Company You Can Count On

Rockfarm possesses a breadth of capabilities and expertise within the field of domestic transportation fulfillment services as a third party fulfillment logistics company. While our customers all share a vested interest in minimizing risk and lowering cost across the supply chain, they also have other priorities that require staff time and resources.

Outsourcing some or all of your supply chain management to a third party like Rockfarm lets you benefit from our expertise in this increasingly complex field. We do the challenging work of keeping your product moving efficiently with our logistics solutions while meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. Keep browsing our website to learn more about our services.

Benefits of Working With a Top Logistics Company

Rockfarm is a transportation company that combines technology, customer service and process improvement techniques. When you choose us, you partner with an established logistics veteran that stays on the cutting edge of the transportation industry. You remain the face of your company while we take care of the behind-the-scenes transportation. At Rockfarm, we offer:

  • Expertise: As subject mater experts at every stage of the order lifecycle, our transportation solutions are vast. Our approach integrates with your supply chain management strategy from end to end. Skilled in many modal services and cross-border logistics, we get your shipments delivered.
  • Experience: We have provided solutions in the logistics field for over a decade. We have extensive experience working with small to mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Lower cost to serve: Our approach integrates process improvements, technology and customer service. We help you lower your freight expenses and extend your resources. With our transparency, you’ll reach a lower cost to serve every customer.
  • Tailored approach: We look at your business processes, logistics strategy and industry to tailor solutions that meet your unique needs.

Working With RT&T Logistics

If you’re interested in our intermodal transportation logistics services or other 3PL solutions, contact RT&T Logistics today. We work with small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses located throughout North America. We are a client-focused business that takes the time to learn your industry and its specific fulfillment requirements. From there, we provide a specially tailored approach and customized package of services.

Because of this, no two clients are alike. Each new relationship begins with an in-depth consultation so we can get to know your operation and your broader goals. To get started with our 3PL fulfillment and other logistics services, call us at 815.573.0155 or visit our Contact Us page and submit a request to our head office. We’ll be in touch in 24 hours or sooner to help you take the next steps.

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