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When you ship damage to your goods will negatively impact your customer’s experience. Even as your team takes every step to ensure the delivery meets your customer expectations improper handling by carriers or adverse events such as storms, natural disasters, accidents and a range of dangers exist in the transportation industry — and sometimes, deliveries are simply unpredictable. Having a comprehensive process to mitigate the negative impact of the customer experience is critical. Part of that process is management of your freight claims allowing you to solve these claim issues quickly and effectively, allowing you to get back to quality service. Rockfarm can help you with freight management solutions designed to get you focused on your business and improving the customer experience.

Rockfarm Freight Management Solutions

What Is Freight Claims Management?

Freight claims management services handle claims for you, so you mitigate a negative experience with your customer to a positive and save money and time. When you outsource freight claims management, you can create a system for easy contact and resolution, as well as a process for keeping track of claims. Freight claims management also ensures no claims slip through the cracks, keeping all clear visibility of potential cause allowing for permanent corrective actions to take hold.

How Does It Work?

When someone makes a claim, there is a point of contact at an organization or a number that suppliers or other stakeholders can call when there is a problem. Once a call is made or a report is filed, the claims process can begin. The goal is to verify damages or losses and resolve the claim quickly and accurately to the satisfaction of our customer and your company’s freight policy.

verify damage or loss to resolve claims quickly

Benefits of Freight Claims Management Services

Rockfarm offers Visiclaims, a one-stop solution for ensuring your claims are handled in the most professional and timely way possible. We also provide an added benefit — Visiclaims collects and helps you target data, so you understand why claims occur. This way, you can target repeat claims and even find ways to reduce the number of claims filed.

Visiclaims uses software and technology to help you work your way seamlessly through a claim while the system gathers data you can use about claims. Visiclaims also warehouses all your freight claims data, so you can analyze the data to determine how and why claimable damages and losses have occurred. Through this approach, Visiclaims lets you optimize your freight claim handling and helps you address any issues that may be contributing to claims.

Our process also mitigates claims on your behalf, helping you resolve disputes with carriers and ensuring you have a team of professionals by your side when you need one. Visiclaims handles all the process steps, so you only have to worry about getting back to business and depositing any checks resulting from a claim into your account.

Claims Management

Benefits of Working With Rockfarm

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions understands that organizations need real-world solutions for their supply chains that are designed to save time and money. The Visiclaims division of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions helps your organization do just that. By offering a comprehensive claims management solution, we free up time, money and resources at your organization you might otherwise need to spend on solving claims.

Rockfarm takes care of the freight claims process

We take care of the process for you when the unexpected happens, saving you time and frustration and letting you get back to business. At the same time, we improve visibility by arming you with the data you need to help you understand why claims happen and what you can do to reduce the number of claims.

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