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The right carriers can make your organization run more efficiently and can impact almost every aspect of your business. From quality to pricing to claims, the right carriers help save you money and frustration. However, choosing and managing the right carriers yourself can be daunting. Carrier sourcing companies help you leverage data towards smarter negotiations.

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What Is Carrier Sourcing?

what is carrier sourcing  Carrier sourcing services help you find the right carriers and get the correct bids for your needs. These services can help your organization capture and analyze transport and logistics data so you understand your needs. Such services also help you research and invite bids from trusted carriers.

Carrier sourcing logistic services can help your organization review and accept the right bids, assist with onboarding and work to ensure carrier compliance. This service can conduct RFIs and RFPs, enforce contracted rates and take care of ensuring you get the right carrier solutions.

Carrier Management Benefits

benefits of carrier managementCarrier sourcing and management solutions help you:

  • Save money. Negotiating from a position of strength is possible when carrier solutions bring you actionable data about carriers and your own transportation facts. Comparing different carriers and inviting appropriate bids can also help you find competitive solutions.
  • Avoid stagnation. Staying with the same carriers simply because you do not have a system for ensuring your needs are met with new service providers can mean you don’t take advantage of the competitive offers which may be available. Worse, your organization may not be adapting as you grow, meaning your carrier providers may not be meeting your current needs.
  • Stay compliant. Carrier sourcing and management solutions keep you compliant with all aspects of negotiations, onboarding, and more, thereby minimizing your risk.
  • Focus on the right priorities. Outsourcing these services can mean you save money and resources. Instead of dedicating team members to keeping your carriers list current and updated or hiring personnel to spearhead a search for new carriers as needed, transportation sourcing and management allows you to focus on your organization while someone else determines your needs and finds options. Outsourcing can also save you money by helping you find the most competitive carrier bids and ensuring you don’t have to hire additional team members for carrier searches.
  • Simplify the process. An outsourcing service can help automate data collection, put you in touch with carrier options, help you easily create tenders, optimize onboarding and the tender process, and more. This can help take some of the guesswork out of transportation management and sourcing.
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Benefits of Working With Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions understands carriers touch every part of the supply chain, which is why our integrated, client-focused solutions concentrate not just on one part of the supply chain, but on all your specific company needs. We use the latest technologies and a listen-first approach to ensure you get the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a newer, smaller business, our goal is to make a difference for you. To learn more or to sign up for our solutions, contact Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions today.

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