Supply Chain Coaching (Rockfarm)

What Is Supply Chain Coaching?

Supply chain consulting service, also known as supply chain coaching, is a process that allows an organization to reduce it costs, improve its customers experience and identify value initiatives within its order life cycle.  Our supply chain logistics consulting services focus on where your organization is currently performing well and where there is room to drive improvement. The goal of coaching is to coach your company to identify improvement opportunities and act upon those initiatives to deliver long term sustained value.

When your organization works with a supply chain coach from Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, you can expect to see a significant improvement in overall performance. In every supply chain the metrics to success are highly visible.  Did we ship on time?  Did our product arrive damage free and on time?  All questions that can be answered with clear metrics and improved upon.  The challenges is in the process oversight.  This is where Rockfarm’s Supply Chain Coach identifies deeper issues within your order lifecycle that generates risk to your business.  The reasons organizations decide to seek out Supply Chain Coach services include:

  • To mitigate risk.
  • Identify improvement areas.
  • To get access to independent, third-party insights on supply chain technology and processes.
  • To help implement supply chain initiatives.

Leveraging the extensive expertise of the Rockfarm organization, our supply chain support services can help with several aspects of transportation and logistics, including:

Supply Chain Coaching Services

  • A Rockfarm supply chain coach can help you explore business possibilities such as growth, acquisition, downsizing and customer realignment, and assess the impact each would have on your supply chain. In doing so, your organization will become more resilient and you’ll better understand the true costs and benefits each potential move could bring.

What Is Our Supply Chain Coaching Process?

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions’ process seeks to tap into the potential that already exists within our clients. Our coaches work on establishing a relationship with our clients that is built on trust. Since coaching is often one-on-one, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we are able to tailor our process to the need of a particular company or a particular individual.

Our process is what separates our coaches from typical supply chain consulting services. We use a proven, step-by-step process we can tailor to the needs of your business. For a supply chain overhaul or upgrade, this involves:

supply chain consulting process with Rockfarm Supply Chain Coach

Supply Chain Consultant Vs. Supply Chain Coach

Why hire a consultant when a coach is what your business needs? Rockfarm’s supply chain coaching services go beyond the role of a typical shipping optimization consulting firm to offer in-depth advice that helps you succeed. Rather than setting out to solve a specific problem, we look at all aspects of your transportation and logistics to improve your business from the ground up.

We call this the “coaching model” because it actively involves your staff in the process. Our experts lay the groundwork for your next supply chain initiative and then coach your team through the process of making it happen.

supply chain coaching model

Learn more about any of our supply chain logistics consulting services by speaking with a Rockfarm team member directly.

Data Extraction & Integration

Data is one of the most important tools in a supply chain upgrade, and one that helps you make decisions based on historical performance rather than your perception of things on the ground. We use data from your complete inbound and outbound shipment history to create a performance baseline for measuring the effectiveness of our proposed changes.

six step process for supply chain coaching services

Benefits of Working with Rockfarm

Ultimately, our global supply chain consulting services help your business achieve several key goals, such as:

  • Improving access to data and making more informed decisions: Businesses these days rely on data to help them see how they are performing and where there is room for improvement. When you work with one of our coaches, your team’s executives are better able to read the data in front of you and to understand how it affects your business overall. Using the numbers and information available, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions about purchases, logistics and other day-to-day business operations.
  • Improving on-time shipping while lowering your costs: Fast shipping is a must these days, but it can often be very expensive for logistics and shipping companies to achieve. Getting customers their shipments on-time or before the quoted time is also an imperative, but one that comes at a cost. Rockfarm will help your organization improve its shipment speed and will find a way to do so that doesn’t increase the financial strain on you or that doesn’t add to your business’ expenses.

goals of supply chain coaching process at Rockfarm

  • Winning and retaining new customers: When your organization develops a track record of on-time deliveries and excellent customer service, more and more clients are going to be interested in working with you. In addition to improving your shipping speed, Rockfarm’s supply chain consulting service can help you find more ways to win clients and to keep the customers you already work with coming back for more.
  • Benchmarking supply chain performance against competitors and industry averages: Where does your company stand in comparison to your competitors? Our supply chain coaches can help you develop benchmarks, so you can compare your business to your competitors. We’ll also work with you to help you see how you compare to the average in the industry and determine what you can do to best those averages.
  • Using technology in a smarter, more effective manner: Technology has done a lot to improve supply chain management and streamline logistics. Working with a supply chain coach, you can find how to make technology work for your business and can discover what you can do to maximize the use of technology, leading to more on-time deliveries, reduced fuel costs and greater efficiencies.
  • Improving cash flow by reducing inventory levels and distribution costs: Your supply chain coach can work with you to help you determine the appropriate levels of inventory to maintain to deliver orders to clients quickly, without requiring you to keep high levels of stock on hand at all times. The less inventory you need to store, the lower your warehouse costs will be. Methods such as drop-shipping or shipping directly from the manufacturer help you to cut costs while providing high levels of service to your clients.

Our coaching services are ideal for manufacturers, retailers, distributors and third-party logistics companies (3PLs). To learn more about the specific benefits of partnering with Rockfarm, visit our Client Experiences page to read how we helped one company evaluate its fulfillment operations. Better yet,  call us at 815.573.0155 or contact us directly via our form to request a consultation with one of our experts.

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coaching is ideal for 3PL companies and many other industries

Supply Chain Coaching (Rockfarm)
Supply Chain Coaching (Rockfarm)

Is your Supply Chain at Risk? Let’s find out how transportation management in your supply chain compares to your peers within the industry and shippers across a wide spectrum of industries. This assessment will provide a RiSC score based upon three criteria: The Customer Experience, Risk and Cost. Each criteria is scored to provide you an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses within your Supply Chain.

Comparisons to other shippers and most importantly within your industry is also illustrated. Our no cost RiSC assessment provides a snapshot of potential improvement areas and supports your ROI to mitigate RiSC in the transportation management segment of your supply chain. Once you complete your assessment you will receive your RiSC assessment which includes a breakdown of each criteria. We look forward to providing you this assessment on behalf of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions.


comparisons to other shippers

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