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Freight Audit & Payment

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Freight audit & payment

Freight bills are the last piece of the shipment lifecycle, but what happens when they contain errors? It’s money left on the table, and the professional team at Rockfarm sees such errors every day. In fact, our work and our freight audit and payment solutions are designed to ensure your freight bills are fulfilled efficiently and correctly every time.

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Freight Audit and Payment, Freight Audit & Payment

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    What Is Freight Audit?

    During a freight audit, your freight bills are verified, examined, and reconciled to ensure they are accurate. The process involves checking invoices, verifying shipper and carrier information, looking at mileage and shipping weight, analyzing tracking numbers, identifying additional accessories, and monitoring for any discounts, as well as the final price. Freight audits also check for missing and duplicate invoices and bills.

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    Benefits And Uses Of Freight Audit

    Using freight auditing services from Rockfarm saves you the trouble of having to hire extra staff to conduct audits on your own. If errors are found, our team can reach out to the right party to have it resolved.

    By outsourcing audits to a freight audit company, you ensure the accuracy of freight bills while saving time and money, so you can focus on your business. With a professional service, you also catch more errors than if you simply manually checked invoices periodically.

    What Is Freight Payment?

    Freight payment involves the accounts payable solutions for your freight invoices. This may mean collecting carrier invoices and paying them and using related services to ensure invoices are accurate and processed correctly each time.

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    Benefits and Uses of Freight Payment Service Solutions

    Outsourcing freight payment saves your organization time and money. When you handle transportation invoices yourself, you need a transportation or logistics manager to validate the invoice charges, and you might need to have an accounting department either write checks or hire a direct clearing house for payment. Outsourcing freight audit and payment services to one party mean you don’t have to worry about finding separate solutions for each step.

    Also, a quality solution can help you target and resolve problems that are common with transportation bills. Solutions that help you address accessorial charges, detention, bill of lading inaccuracy, and other issues ensure you do not overpay or underpay.

    With a third-party solution, you know you’re paying your bills accurately and on time, and you don’t have to hire additional team members to handle freight bills and invoices. Best of all, a quality solution grows with you. A good scalable solution can work with your organization even during busy seasons and as your company grows.

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    Benefits of Working With Rockfarm

    If you need freight audit and payment services, Rockfarm delivers the professional, customizable solutions you need. Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is already used by leaders in the transportation management industry across the continent.

    When organizations need full solutions with high degrees of transparency, they turn to us. We can handle a variety of outsourced services, including customized logistics resource planning, supply chain and command transportation tracking, fulfillment route optimization, and more. Our team works hard to keep track of the latest industry trends and best practices, as well as the technologies that can make a difference to you.

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