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Supply chain management involves many moving parts, all of which are interconnected. Control tower services from Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions allow you to gain more control over every part of your supply chain, helping you reach your goals, observe all elements of your business, make smarter decisions, and enhance your customer’s experience.

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, Control Tower Services

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    What Are Control Tower Services?

    Much like what you find at an airport, supply chain control tower services direct the movement of your orders through their lifecycle, delivering visibility at each touch point with the responsible party. Supply chain control tower services deliver an integrated approach to visibility by combining transportation management system (TMS) technology with logistic resources to deliver enhanced functionality, compliance, and real-time visibility. Supply chain control tower services primarily deliver the execution workflows necessary to rate, route, and tender shipments to the appropriate transport mode and carrier. Furthermore, control tower services ensure connectivity between the TMS and the carrier solution to deliver real-time visibility.

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    Uses Of Control Tower Services

    Supply chain control tower services are often used in the actual execution of the inbound and outbound supply chains. Within the inbound supply chain, direct engagement with suppliers is commonplace due to the lack of visibility often found within the inbound supply chain. Ensuring supplier engagement and more importantly routing compliance, is a key objective as a control tower works to keep freight costs low and maintain service levels. In addition to the inbound, outbound control towers will often be utilized to drive the optimization of a shipper’s outbound shipment network. The optimization may include shipping on an optimal mode and consolidating orders to a customer over multiple days all designed to lower freight expense. Lastly, supply chain control tower services maintain visibility over the order lifecycle allowing for process efficiency, lower inventory levels, and fulfillment of the customer expectation.

    , Control Tower Services

    , Control Tower Services

    Benefits of Logistics Control Tower Services

    There are many benefits of using control tower services:

    • Supply chain control tower services are scalable. Whether your company is growing rapidly or you are acquiring multiple organizations through mergers and acquisitions, as your company grows, the services can grow with you and seamlessly allow you to control increasing shipments and even new parts of your organization.
    • Supply chain control tower services help you manage complex supply chain systems. Whether you have multiple independent divisions or are a multinational company managing multiple operations, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks without a control tower. Control tower services place the execution of your supply chain under one umbrella, driving compliance, visibility, and cost efficiency.
    • Supply chain control tower services bring you data you can use. One of the big benefits of these services is that they can help you find the areas where you can bring in new processes and improvements to enhance efficiency or save money.
    • Supply chain control tower services help you control issues. One of the benefits of a control tower service is that it gives you a birds-eye view of your operations, allowing you to spot challenges early while giving you the tools you need to minimize risks, reduce issues and make better decisions.
    , Control Tower Services

    Benefits of Working With Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

    The reality is that control tower services alone are not always enough. Just as an airport relies on a whole network of systems and processes inside and outside the control tower, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions helps deliver personalized, holistic solutions designed to improve your order lifecycle while delivering process efficiency, cost savings, and effective resource management. Our goal is to bring you supply chain solutions to help your organization. To learn more or to sign up for our services, contact Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions today.

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