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Transportation Management

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Transportation Management Company

As supply chains have become more global and businesses more interconnected, getting products, parts, and materials, where they need to go in an efficient, cost-effective manner, has become an essential goal. For many organizations, transportation management requires visibility of the order lifecycle to fulfill back-end processes and meet customer expectations. To meet the challenge of greater visibility an integrated solution of technology and partners is required to support the growing complexity of our supply chains.

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Why Work With A Transportation Management Company?

Are you Searching For Answers to Improve…

  • Your Customers’ Experience
  • Your Carrier Partnerships
  • Visibility of Your Supply Chain
  • Your Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Your Financial and Operational KPIs

If you are, you have come to the right partner. Rockfarm’s transportation management services facilitate interactions between shippers, suppliers, carriers, and customers providing the visibility needed to generate a call to action within your supply chain. Often times your competitive advantage is just that, your supply chain. Effective use of technology, visibility of provider performance, and a deep bench can be all that separates your company from competing for greater market share.

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Benefits of Transportation Management

Here are some of the benefits of transportation management:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Satisfied customers remain loyal to your company, buy more, and talk up your company to others so you can increase your revenues. A transportation management company helps you enhance the customer experience by getting products to your customers on time. It also enables you to track inventory more efficiently so you can let consumers know exactly when they’ll be receiving the products they need.
  • Strengthened carrier partnerships: Reliable carrier partnerships are essential when you’re trying to get your products into the hands of the people who need them. Collaborating with your carriers by supplying accurate data and shipping in the lanes and tonnage you commit to helps make your business desirable for carriers that want to work with and strive to perform well. A transportation management company can help your company meet these carrier partnership goals more effectively.
  • Increased supply visibility: Increasing your supply visibility is essential because it allows you to track products in transit, giving your business a much clearer picture of the inventory you have and its activity as it moves through the supply chain. Increasing visibility in this way allows companies to improve customer service by informing clients more precisely about where inventory is and when it will arrive. These benefits lead to improved workflow and increased profits.
  • Bolstered business intelligence: In any business that involves transporting goods through a supply chain, savvy business intelligence is crucial. The complex strategizing that goes into managing the chain, dealing with tariffs and regulations, and maximizing efficiency along the way can consume endless company resources. A transportation management company can assume the burden of strategy, offering technological solutions to provide precise data and insights for decision-making.
  • Boosted KPIs: Key performance indicators (KPIs) are integral to the success of any business. They offer both qualitative and quantitative metrics that let you know how your business is performing relative to established benchmarks in meeting its operational goals. When you work with a transportation management company, you’ll receive assistance with boosting your KPIs, whether those involve keeping up with the latest technology, incorporating e-commerce measures, or achieving specific revenues while keeping tariff pricing low. The right management framework can give you the tools you need to reach your operational goals more easily, and a transportation management company can provide you with those tools for success.

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Role of Transportation Management

Our integrated supply chain solutions technology, coupled with our team of professionals, simplifies the complex. From lane-specific, less-than-truckload pricing tariffs to e-commerce integrations to command transportation tracking, our services team streamlines your supply chain using best-in-class technology, processes, and resources to deliver a seamless solution that minimizes touchpoints, maximizes efficiency, and drives costs out.

Competition is increasing, planning windows are shrinking, and customer demands continue to increase. Consider the inherent need to increase your depth of expertise, monitor compliance, and mitigate potential risk, and the need to identify a partner that can provide both expertise and resources becomes apparent to move your company to the next level. Rockfarm is that partner.

Our business model drives a key differentiator between the competition and allows us to become your extended Logistics team. Our open book, “cost to serve” approach enables direct line of sight to your carrier partners and the true cost of service required to fulfill your global supply chain needs. This is taking visibility to another dimension.

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, Transportation Management

Transportation Management Process

If your challenge lies with resources, outsource your logistics functions to us as an extension of your team with on-site or remote management solutions. As a leading transportation and logistics company, we have one simple goal: deploy the best resources as an extension of your team. Our on-site operations are tailored to give large and small shippers the expertise in managing their supply chains, allowing our team to support all of our clients’ logistics functions.

If your supply chain resource depth requires load planning or routing of your supply chain, our centralized control tower operations provide a virtual logistics team to each of our clients that enables redundancy, depth of expertise and risk mitigation within your supply chain.

Access to the market is critical to move your business forward. The same can be said of your supply chain. In this case, the market consists of thousands and thousands of active providers moving product throughout the United States and around the globe. Accessing that market can be daunting. Our managed services team identifies and sources a provider solution that mitigates your risk as a shipper while delivering the value components necessary for the growth of your business.

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, Transportation Management

, Transportation Management
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Working With Rockfarm

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is proud to be a leading transportation management company serving clients across North America. We are where businesses in demanding industries turn for complete solutions for all their logistics needs. We can provide transparent supply chain and command transportation tracking, intelligent route optimization, customized logistics resource planning, supply chain carrier sourcing strategies, and other outsourced services. And we have the expertise and experience necessary to create service- and client-focused solutions specific to your business or industry.

The world of logistics is continually changing as new technologies emerge and stakeholder demands evolve with them. Rockfarm is dedicated solely to delivering value to our clients by staying on top of the latest trends that affect the way you ship products and parts. We do this work so you don’t have to, making it easy to prioritize other aspects of your business. Get peace of mind from knowing our team is handling your transportation in a professional, proactive manner.

To learn more about how we as a transportation management company can help you with TMS logistics and other outsourced supply chain management services, call us at (815) 573-0155 or visit our contact page to get in touch with a representative today. We’ll contact you within 24 hours with more information about our services and the potential advantages of partnering with our team.

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Resource Management

Increase your depth and expertise in supply chain support with our resource management and logistics services. Whether support of your supply chain requires on-site logistics or centralized support, our team can deliver a customized service level that creates depth and expertise at the execution level. A company today requires depth, knowledge, and a desire within its team to meet the demands of today’s dynamic marketplace.

The focus of the business lies in its product or services. At Rockfarm, our focus is on the delivery of logistic services. This focus enables us to deliver customized logistics resource planning to small and large companies alike. The resource plan aligns with the goals and objectives of our clients and merges supply chain management into the core competency of our clients. Our resource plans can be customized to be on-site, regional, or centralized planning teams dedicated to your goals and objectives.

Couple our 3PL truckload brokerage services with our technology, and smaller companies can add depth and resources while large companies can manage the complex requirements of large customers while still maintaining oversight and visibility of their supply chains. Collaborative key performance indicators measure our service while aligning our objectives with your goals.

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, Transportation Management

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Provider Management

Peace of mind begins with understanding who you are doing business with. Eliminate inherent risk in your supply chain with our provider management services, which remove uncertainty by providing process constancy and attentiveness to the market. Today the demands of your supply chain require visibility as to who you’re doing business with. Rockfarm’s provider management services come with a complete suite of tools in support of your supply chain that secures your supply chain against risk.

Each of our requests for procurement (RFPs) is crafted to do the following:

  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce cost
  • Align carrier capabilities with your supply chain

Our Provider Management Services

Effective transportation management starts with matching you with the right carrier for your needs. We have an extensive database of trusted partners around the country, many of whom have experience in cold chain and hazmat shipping, among other special considerations.

One of the benefits of working with third-party logistics and transportation management companies is that we bring an in-depth understanding of this industry that other organizations don’t possess. With that, we can provide help with the following:

Optimization of your supply chain begins with procuring the best market rates to identify the truest routing for your inbound supplier or outbound customer shipments. Rockfarm’s procurement services begin with an in-depth profile of each carrier respondent to ensure the objectives and goals of the RFP are clearly aligned with the operational capabilities of the carrier partner. Carrier responses are analyzed and measured against the requirements of your supply chain to identify the best solution.

As the final round of negotiations comes to a close, carrier contracting formalizes the carrier relationship within your supply chain. The primary purpose of the contracting process is to mitigate risk. Risk to your supply comes in many forms, with the most prominent emerging from inadequate protections within the carrier contracting process.

We can customize our services based on the specifics of your operation and your internal expertise. We understand that while some businesses are happy to outsource their transportation management entirely, others require more control. Whatever level of service we provide, count on our team to deliver transparency and excellent communication every step of the way.

Other advantages of working with Rockfarm include lower overall costs, more proactive risk management and improved regulatory compliance. Although anyone can benefit, organizations working in industries with specialized transportation requirements — such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing — are ideal candidates for outsourcing.

Each step of the RFP solidifies the accountability of each carrier to your supply chain. Measuring that compliance becomes inherent to the RFP process as the carrier relationships are formalized. Measurements may include the following:

  • Tender acceptance
  • Pick-up performance
  • Delivery performance
  • Status updates
  • Invoice accuracy

Each of the formalized measurements requires compliance that includes daily, monthly, and annual reporting, aligning your requirements with your carrier, and ensuring each party is aligned with the success of your supply chain.

Our Managed Services Include

When you have a credit on the accounting books identifying a claim that is still pending with the carrier, the certainty of receiving full credit on your filed cargo claim may be low. Our claims team of professionals will support filing, acknowledgment, and mitigation to ensure a high likelihood of recovery. When we speak to the customer experience, damaged shipments play a big part in how your customer perceives your products. Visibility of shipment damage trend lines will lead to a call to action. Your action is defined by the data made visible through our claims analysis tool.

Technology is moving at a faster pace each day, enabling immediate decisions that create value for your company. Using the best technology across all operations can be daunting. Keeping your focus on the core business can leave deficiencies in other areas, such as the supply chain. Utilizing Rockfarm’s best-in-class TMS technology, coupled with our logistics solutions, you can add supply chain excellence to your team instantly. Each of our control tower load planning solutions uses Rockfarm’s TMS platform to enhance our clients’ supply chain. Whether that involves inbound load control or outbound planning and routing, our team of professionals supports the complexity of your supply chain.

Our control tower logistics solutions can be remote or centrally located within your corporate location or Rockfarm’s. Regardless of location, our cloud-based technology enables full visibility to include workflow exception management, giving you increased visibility and the ability to proactively manage.

Finding it challenging to identify what technology is the best path forward?

Our managed services team can assist in supporting due diligence, comparative analysis, and a great deal more on the supply chain technology under consideration. Careers are defined by the right decisions and the positive impact of those decisions on your company. Gaining visibility and support within the decision-making process goes a long way toward ensuring each decision is the right one for your team.

In addition to decision support, Rockfarm can engage directly with your team, enabling a broader range of expertise when it comes time to integrate technologies in support of your supply chain. We know one certainty within each of our clients — IT resources are stretched — which is why we have developed a team that can support your growth and resource needs. Our technology solutions include the following:

  • Data integration
  • Middleware mapping and data synchronization
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • API rating
  • Truckload market index
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Managed Services

Enrich your supply chain with enhancement of the customer experience. As many of us know, the supply chain has a number of touch points. At Rockfarm, we believe the touch points all point in one direction, “the Customer Experience.” All engagement points along the supply chain: purchasing, inventory, production scheduling, distribution, shipping, and others support the generation of a positive or negative customer experience. Managing the engagement point is where our Managed Services team supports your pursuit of a positive customer experience.

Our managed services team provides both oversight and execution in support of your supply chain. Whether it’s claims management, provider sourcing, demand planning or other services, we can customize our solution service to your needs.

Our managed services will do the following:

  • Increase supply chain depth and expertise
  • Reduce cost
  • Enable growth