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transportation management system, Packaged TMS

Rockfarm's FAST TMS

F.A.S.T. TMS – Powered By Rockfarm

F.A.S.T. is Rockfarm’s packaged TMS automated platform. Used as a standalone product or in combination with our broader consulting services, it is a comprehensive solution that draws from our extensive industry expertise. Use it to simplify, automate or optimize multiple common transportation management tasks.

Think of F.A.S.T. as the ultimate shipper’s assistant. It contains a suite of powerful tools for freight auditing, shipping, tracking, and more. If you’re looking for a carrier for an upcoming job, our F.A.S.T. TMS provides an at-a-glance database of your current vendors as well as those from our network of approved partners. Use it to drill drown on individual carriers to look at their past performance or compare costs based on different criteria.

After you’ve chosen the best carrier for the job and sent off your shipment, F.A.S.T. monitors its progress via GPS and provides you with full transparency as your part or product moves through the supply chain. F.A.S.T. will also complete a freight audit on every shipment and provide you with a bill of lading customized with your company’s branding.

If effective and efficient shipping is critical to your business, F.A.S.T. is your partner every step of the way. With a F.A.S.T. optimized TMS solution, a single program does it all. Best of all, what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden surcharges or monthly fees to use this product. Keep reading to learn more or contact the Rockfarm head office to order your copy today.

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The Mode of All Things

What would it mean to view your shipment costs across all modes?

Yes, you read it right, across all modes. In Rockfarm’s F.A.S.T. TMS solutions & technology you can have the same visibility within one platform that large companies can have with highly integrated TMS platforms.

If your shipment is a parcel, your individual service levels will be displayed giving you your parcel carrier, service time, and cost for each shipment placing you in control of your freight cost.  Add the capability to print your parcel labels and you now have One Platform. One View. One Process.

transportation management system, Packaged TMS

LTL shipment rates are displayed also illustrating the carrier’s on-time pickup & delivery performance, mitigating routing risk with important customer shipments. Looking for rates on LTL expedite costs, no issue. Guaranteed LTL rates can be displayed based on the carrier’s available service levels. Defining what constitutes an LTL shipment today can be a challenge. Leave that to us, our F.A.S.T. TMS displays each carrier’s LTL rates taking the guessing game out of determining if a shipment meets the carrier’s LTL definition.

LTL shipments that now exceed a carrier’s LTL definition can be quoted to carriers across modes to include LTL, Truckload, and Ground Expedite carriers giving you a competitive platform to route your Volume LTL shipments cost-effectively.

Truckload rate visibility by equipment type is now available as requirements for temperature controlled shipments continues to increase. Dry Van, Flatbed and Specialized trailer types are configured in the TMS giving you options to view the available carriers for routing. Index rating showing you the latest rate index for a shipment lane delivers market intelligence to your team. Effectively enabling real time benchmarking to engage the spot quote market using the Manage Quotes portal in the TMS.

Expedite and Air shipment rating delivers one view of all potential routing options allowing your customer service team to satisfy your customer’s delivery requirement in real time. Enhancing the customer experience with real time information that leads to informed decisions creates trust within your customer relationships and minimizes work load on your logistics operations.

Let’s Keep it Simple.

Imagine A Precision Supply Chain That Evolves With Your Changing Business.

Technology and Supply Chain Expertise combined into one platform, one view and one process is a powerful engine. That engine supports your company’s growth. Rockfarm doesn’t stop with deploying our TMS technology services and solutions. We develop and implement freight management solutions as your company grows. We identify your needs and requirements and work on continuously improving your supply chain through greater automation and more efficiency. As a result, the Rockfarm TMS automation technology grows with your business enabling you to focus on the core competency of your business, taking care of your customer.

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Rating – yes, Routing – yes, Tendering – yes, BOL Print – yes, Auto Pro – yes. What is left? What about easy print documents for NAFTA trade lanes and export shipments – yes. Spot Quoting – yes. Buy it Now – yes.

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Rockfarm’s F.A.S.T. TMS is a cloud-based platform allowing user access from any internet connection including the Rockfarm TMS mobile app. Looking for multiple users, no challenge, we offer unlimited users for each of our clients.

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Real-time and historical shipment reporting is available to each user through the Rockfarm F.A.S.T. TMS report module giving you access to your supply chain from any connection. Our TMS even offers an LTL carrier tracking system to help you maintain the visibility of all the players in your supply chain.

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Each of our F.A.S.T. TMS clients enjoys direct support from our F.A.S.T. team of logistic professionals. Whether assistance is a help desk function or executing complex shipments from your suppliers Rockfarm’s Control Tower team is here to support your team in all things logistics.

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Why Use F.A.S.T. TMS?

F.A.S.T. is an excellent choice for businesses with regular or semi-regular shipping needs, and we even offer LTL freight tracking and logistics services. It takes the work out of reviewing and comparing RFPs, which in turn helps you make more informed decisions. Ultimately, it will keep your costs down by working with reliable shippers who provide the services you need at a price that works for your budget.

F.A.S.T. standalone software is just one of the TMS solutions Rockfarm offers. Compared to our more conventional consulting and outsourcing services, it gives your team additional power and visibility into the shipping process. It’s the best choice for companies that want a high level of granular control and have the resources to make these decisions in-house.

Alternatively, consider using Rockfarm’s third-party logistics services. One call to our team is all it takes to begin the shipping process. Our experts handle everything from sourcing the right carrier to tracking the shipment and dealing with any claims that arise. Visit our dedicated TMS page to learn more.

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transportation management system, Packaged TMS

Get Started With F.A.S.T. – Rockfarm’s TMS Solution

Find out if our F.A.S.T. TMS solution is right for your organization by contacting Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions today or calling us at 815.573.0155. In many cases, we can have the software installed and running in your office in 24 hours or less.