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What Is A Transportation Management System?

A transportation management system, or TMS, covers the planning, execution, monitoring and follow-up around an organization’s inbound and outbound transportation. A TMS can cover ground, freight, air and intermodal transportation. An effective system will deliver consistent on-time performance, optimized routing and lower overhead costs, among other KPIs.

Instead of lumping in transportation management with other supply chain and logistics planning, consider outsourcing it to a qualified third-party logistics company. As a transportation management company, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions has helped organizations across North America cut costs, improve efficiency and minimize risk.

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    Regardless of the size of your challenge, our team can deliver a customized solution that drives your company’s growth. Industry-leading technology is only as good as the team deploying it. Rockfarm has become a leader in the deployment of transportation management solutions and the delivery of our TMS solution. As an approved MercuryGate Logistics Integrator Partner, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is recognized as a leader in TMS solution delivery to shippers across multiple industries.


    Utilizing MercuryGate as our TMS platform of choice, Rockfarm deploys cloud-based technology to enhance our TMS in order to integrate additional process efficiencies from shopping cart integration to year-over-year analytics. Each enhancement has one purpose: to deliver value through enhanced visibility, enabling improved customer experience and a lower “cost to serve.”

    TMS Solution

    Our TMS solution has been specifically designed to handle even the most diverse supply chain. Rockfarm understands that to overcome the complications experienced with multi-modal deliveries and accounting for risks associated with touchpoint frequencies, optimal performance demands accountability among your carrier partners and logistic vendors that leverage technology to simplify the most complex challenges. Our extensive background and proven experience in supply chain execution provide a scalable solution certain to empower operations of all sizes with best-in-class supply chain technology.

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    What Are The Benefits Of A TMS?

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    Speed & Time

    Whether you are a small shipper or a midsize company, your ability to compete by being more swift and agile is critical to your success. Time is a decreasing luxury as new products are introduced that compete directly against your company. Our Transportation Management Technology software solutions give you control through faster processing of your supply chain tasks and more time to manage the critical functions of your business.

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    Visibility & Business Intelligence

    One without the other is worth none at all. Rockfarm’s F.A.S.T TMS solution provides both historical and real-time freight analysis for your team enabling business intelligence that delivers bottom-line results. Whether its real-time routing or reviewing costs by customers to the SKU level the business intelligence delivered within our F.A.S.T. TMS provides the advantage to grow your company.

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    TMS Automation & Improvement

    Doing more with less has become a rallying cry as resource constraints push supply chain teams to do just that. Our F.A.S.T TMS provides the answer to driving greater process efficiency within your logistics processes. Stop the dialing for quotes or excessive keystrokes to determine freight costs across multiple carriers, our TMS places automation within 24 hours of set up at no costs. Your supply chain can immediately begin contributing additional resources to the organization to focus on your core business.

    Did we mention ROI? In most situations, this would entail long discussions on the investment needed to gain a return. Rockfarm’s F.A.S.T TMS requires no upfront or set-up costs, essentially no investment is required. What does this mean for you? Immediate savings. Let’s break this down.

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    Effective carrier routing can now be implemented due to the line of sight your logistics team has to each carrier’s cost and their service level including all modes from a small package, Less than Truckload, Truckload, and Expedite to Air Freight shipments. It doesn’t stop there, engage your carriers and more within the F.A.S.T. manage quotes portal giving you cutting-edge technology to drive the best rates for your shipments.

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    Process Efficiency

    Rate Quoting, Shipment Tendering Bill of Lading Generation, Pallet Label Printing, Pro Label Application and other tasks associated with shipping your products can all be improved with Rockfarm’s F.A.S.T. TMS delivering valuable time to your team directly translating into savings.

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    Intellectual Knowledge

    Often times with small and midsize companies, logistics expertise may reside within one person in the company. Mitigating your risk with defined logistics processes in our F.A.S.T. TMS across your logistics, customer service and operations teams means you do not miss a beat in completing the customer experience with on-time deliveries at the right rate and expectation.

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    To learn more about how we as a transportation management company can help you with TMS logistics and other outsourced supply chain management services, call us at (815) 573-0155 or visit our contact page to get in touch with a representative today.

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