• “Great tool to align our company leadership on enhancing our logistics team.”

  • “We are always asking ourselves if we are best in class, this assessment outlines what we need to improve on within and across industries.”

  • “This assessment just validated our journey to improve our supply chain over the past two years.”


Is your Supply Chain at Risk? Let’s find out how transportation management in your supply chain compares to your peers within the industry and shippers across a wide spectrum of industries. This assessment will provide a RiSC score based upon three criteria: The Customer Experience, Risk and Cost. Each criteria is scored to provide you an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses within your Supply Chain.

Comparisons to other shippers and most importantly within your industry is also illustrated. Our no cost RiSC assessment provides a snapshot of potential improvement areas and supports your ROI to mitigate RiSC in the transportation management segment of your supply chain. Once you complete your assessment you will receive your RiSC assessment which includes a breakdown of each criteria. We look forward to providing you this assessment on behalf of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions.


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