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Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

Unlike the consultant approach found throughout much of the supply chain industry, Rockfarm’s coaching service focuses on the end user engagement within various supply chain processes. Our job is to coach our clients to a higher level of proficiency within their supply chain to create long term sustained value.

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Transportation management is the execution of processes directly in support of a shipper’s supply chain. The processes include management of the partners needed to deliver the services required to ensure the shipper’s promise is kept.

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Rockfarm’s coaching services support a shipper’s transportation supply chain to include their supplier and manufacturing network, carrier pool, processes and technologies that support the shipment of goods to or from our clients’ locations.

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Rockfarm offers a fully managed claims service that includes carrier engagement and mitigation, reconciliation, reporting and financial tracking.

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Rockfarm works across a wide breadth of clients from many different industries. We do have a number of clients engaged in the food, heavy industrial, paper, hospitality, energy, biosciences, and construction industries.

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Since our origin, Rockfarm’s focus has been on lowering our client’s logistics service expenses. Our transparent logistics service portfolio has been the catalyst to enabling our clients to see the true cost to serve their customers. The visibility Rockfarm creates ensures accountability by giving visibility to the carrier charge and our service fee for each of their shipments.

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Rockfarm Carrier FAQ List

  1. Provide your MC/MX# or DOT# to begin registration. Intrastate carriers without a DOT# may provide an applicable state registration number to begin registration.
  2. Carrier Contact must be authorized to enter into and bind your company to the Transportation Services Contract.
  3. Validate or provide the carrier contact information.
  4. Submit an electronic W9. (Canadian carriers will download special IRS forms and submit offline.)
  5. Complete the Carrier Profile.
  6. Read and ACCEPT the “Transportation Services Contract”.
  7. Provide a Certificate of Insurance that meets the insurance minimum requirements below.
    1. Certificates must be submitted from your insurance producer (agent);
    2. $100,000 Cargo Coverage
    3. $1,000,000 Auto Coverage
  8. Worker’s Compensation as required by law.
  9. General Liability (GL) insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 is preferred.
  10. If RMIS does not already have a copy of your certificate on file, we will request one for you from your insurance agent (producer).
  11. You will be required to meet the following Carrier Compliance:
    1. Safety Rating must be Satisfactory, or None.
    2. Conditionally rated carriers must upload most recent Plan of Corrective Action letter to be approved
    3. Active Operating Authority.
    4. All Carriers must have appropriate Federal, State, or Provincial Authority.
    5. Financially stable.

To haul for Rockfarm, you need the following documents: W9, COI, Executed Transportation Agreement (may need additional agreements depending on the client).

Rockfarm is a multi-modal logistics service provider. Today our modes are primarily LTL, Truckload, and Tanker. Carriers with equipment types of Dry Van, Temperature Controlled, Liquid, and Dry Bulk, Flatbed, Heavy Haul, Drayage, Air Freight, Small Package, Cartage, Hot Shot, and Partial Truckload are all welcome as a Rockfarm partner.