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last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

Rockfarm Priority specializes in Expedited Freight shipping services and Last Mile delivery solutions including White Glove services. These services, complementary to one another for precise execution and meeting stringent customer requirements are executed by logistics experts and backed by robust technology. We have one goal in mind, get your shipment where it needs to be on time and intact. Through our expertise and using a combination of the best shipping options and providers, your valued shipments arrive on time with the care and attention required by your customer.

As a Domestic Forwarder, Rockfarm Priority has a wide range of quality carriers across various modes such as exclusive truckloads or ‘hot shots’, cargo vans, feeder networks, and straight trucks. Whether it is a critical part for a plant that needs to be delivered at 3 pm Saturday afternoon or a hi-tech, valuable machine that needs special handling, Rockfarm Priority can provide the one-stop solution.

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last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

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    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

    Expedite Services

    When timing and service quality is critical, Rockfarm Priority is your best option. Rockfarm Priority has coverage within the USA and can deliver your shipment door-to-door with a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-5 day service, depending on your service requirements. 

    Bypassing the traditional LTL hub-and-spoke model means your shipments will be handled less, reducing the chance for damage claims.

    Rockfarm Priority offers a zone-to-zone pricing framework for intermittent shipping, available through our online portal to give you quick access to rates and comparison to other modes. Coupled with our client-centric mindset, Rockfarm Priority designs and executes tailored services for regular and high-volume shippers.  Time-sensitive and break-bulk project distribution, consolidation and deconsolidation, and pool distribution are solutions available for our clients.  In addition, our services are particularly useful for project distribution and large-volume eCommerce needs.

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    Exclusive-use / ‘Hot-Shot’ services

    For utmost time and handling sensitive freight, an exclusive-use vehicle might be your best option. Large, small, or in between, we will source and qualify the most cost-effective and qualified carrier to handle your shipments.  Our network of providers is contracted and vetted to deliver the visibility and reliability required for exclusive use and hot shot services for your urgent shipment.

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    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

    Rockfarm Priority Last Mile 

    Not all last-mile deliveries are the same. With this reason in mind, we have created Rockfarm Priority Last Mile that matches your needs with the required delivery service. Through our vast network of quality last-mile delivery carriers, Rockfarm will take care of your specialized delivery requirements cost-effectively. The need to execute accurately on your promises leaves a lasting impression on your customer.  Most parcel carriers will not ship larger packages through their network, nor will traditional LTL carriers provide the additional attention and flexibility required for high-value and sensitive cargo. Rockfarm Priority is your choice to provide the added attention, nimbleness, and flexibility required when shipping with a parcel or LTL carrier that is not an option or is cost prohibitive. Rockfarm Priority tracks your shipment and makes status updates available online thru delivery; provides the option to schedule a delivery window and provides delivery to businesses, residential, and trade show venues.

    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

    Rockfarm Last Mile For Ecommerce

    Last-mile delivery is complicated, and with the growth of eCommerce, the need to leave a great impression through your final-mile delivery service is critical for your business. Rockfarm Priority has a specialist focused on providing you with a tailored solution that will deliver on your promise to your customer. Rockfarm Priority fills the gaps with quality service and cost-effective final mile solutions for oversize and over-dimensional (‘out-of-gauge) products that are too large for traditional parcel carriers to handle. 

    • Expect fast, accurate deliveries and eCommerce connectivity for better shipment visibility.
    • Trust our vetted, high-quality contract carriers backed by Rockfarm’s customer focus to deliver superior service for both the forward and reverse flows of your inventory.
    • Go beyond the dock with integrated solutions across the first, middle, and final miles of your shipments.
    • Manage your transportation spending with the help of our last-mile experts and transparent pricing.
    • Through Rockfarm’s single platform TMS and access to parcel carriers, Rockfarm can serve all your eCommerce shipping needs and design it to your service and cost requirements.
    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services


    • Direct-to-store distribution/retail merchandising
    • Return logistics, Recall management/asset recovery
    • Residential Deliveries
    • Same-day home delivery service
    • Appointment
    • Lift gate & 2-man delivery
    • Limited access
    • Non-palletized

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    last mile and white glove shipping services, Expedited Services

    Rockfarm Priority White Glove

    Rockfarm Priority goes even a step further than just delivering excellent expedited and last-mile services, by enhancing your customer’s experience by providing a range of White Glove services when required. While major carriers tend to drop the package off at a client’s doorstep, often without any notification or knock, it just does not go the extra mile. As a result, white glove services and transportation management are starting to become a significant need that Rockfarm Priority works with our customers to find suitable solutions. 

    Products may require assembly and skilled unpacking upon delivery, this is where Rockfarm Priorities’ White Glove services come into play.  Typical services that Rockfarm Priority can provide are ;

    • White Glove – includes unpacking, delivery to room of choice, and debris removal
    • Room of Choice – includes delivery to room of choice with packaging left as is
    • Threshold – includes delivery inside the main entrance of the residence or garage
    • Standard – includes delivery to the first dry area outside the residence, appointment delivery, and signature
    • Traditional final mile & white glove – door-to-door offering. Blanket wrap, fragile, hand loading, excessive length & oversize 

    White Glove services is a term used to describe when movers or shippers wear white gloves to protect the product. In shipping, this translates to taking every precaution necessary and delivering exactly what a consumer wants. What products require White Glove Services? Products that cannot be quickly dropped off at the doorstep. Refrigerators, large household appliances, furniture, and expensive electronics are items that should have a level of white glove service. These are products that could be damaged if not handled with the utmost care and attention during delivery. Furniture can easily snag and tear on the slightest hook in a doorway, and shippers need to consider using white glove logistics to deliver on the promise of providing exactly what a consumer purchased. 

    Rockfarm’s Priority’s White Glove services fulfill customer experiences, including customer follow-ups to ensure expectations were met allowing shippers to better position themselves as superior companies when compared to their competitors.

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    As a MercuryGate Integrator, Rockfarm’s expertise in transportation management solutions extends to its fulfillment services enabling our Rockfarm Priority services to provide frictionless logistics and keep you in the know.

    The key to visibility and shipment and cost control lies in asset and shipment tracking. New transportation management systems (TMS) must be able to handle the increased level of services and frequency found in last-mile delivery as e-commerce grows and customers expect the same level of visibility for B2B shipments as what they received when ordering goods online.

    In fact, a modern TMS can help shippers manage last-mile delivery through automated asset tracking and alerts to both shippers and consumers, which improves visibility from end to end and reduces risk.

    • Tracking & POD retrieval
    • Receive custom milestone and alert tracking reports via email
    • Get a competitive rate on shipments and compare service levels
    • Book your pick-up online
    • Generate bills of lading and shipping labels
    • View the status of all your shipments in progress
    • View account balances and run customized management reports
    • Compare the right final mile logistics and white-glove carriers and their rates
    • Integration with ERPs and shopping carts

    Rockfarm’s TMS gives you transparency on all your shipments, including your final mile logistics & white-glove shipments with the Rockfarm Priority team supporting the logistics of your door-to-door deliveries.