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Stace Knabel, Director of Business Development


“I never thought that as a young teenager my first job in high school would lead me to a career in supply chain. As I look back, it has been fascinating to see how technology in our industry has evolved and changed the way we view the traditional approach to supply chain management. Being involved in the industry has taken me on a journey that has led to being a part of the Logistics & Transportation Association of North America (LTNA) as a board member. My experience in logistic services and technology has given me a broad vision of experience to assess the needs of my clients. Whether you have an end vision and don’t know how to get there, or you know what needs to be done but don’t have the tools, I will come alongside you on your journey with an honest and transparent approach.”

In addition to her board activity with LTNA and the West Michigan Transportation Club, Stace is a member of Tri-State Supply Chain Professionals, DMDII, St. Louis Transportation Club, APICS and CSCMP. A native of Michigan, Stace enjoys biking and hiking the great outdoors.

Julia Macaluso, Business Development Representative


“I learned early in my career that building relationships and communication were central to my success. The challenge for me was moving from an early childhood classroom as a teacher to the world of business. Teaching kindergarten for many years instilled in me a passion for people which has driven my success as a business development representative for Rockfarm. The success of my transition was due in large part to the passion and creativity developed in the classroom. As hallmarks to what served me well in the classroom, I am now using my creativity and teamwork to drive supply chain value for our clients. My new found purpose is to bring our services and technology to U.S. companies creating a competitive advantage for Rockfarm Clients.”

A native Arizonan, Julia is also Wildcat alum from the University of Arizona. In addition to staying active in the local Chamber of Commerce in the Phoenix area, Julia spends time with her family, traveling, hiking and working on her golf game.

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