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  • Wells World Services chooses Rockfarm to Manage its Supply Chain to Iraq and Afghanistan

    Wells World Services chooses Rockfarm to manage its supply chain for the replenishment of its remote medical clinics. When Wells World Services was chosen to staff clinics in both Iraq and Afghanistan Rockfarm began managing the materials and stock required to buildout Wells World Services’ Clinics in five clinics located throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Challenges facing the startup of clinics included the lack of visibility within the supply chain as well as destination support to coordinate the final delivery leg of the inbound shipments needed to stock and furnish the medical clinics with equipment and supplies. The first task for Rockfarm was to provide shipment visibility from origin to final destination ensuring delivery confirmation at each of the medical clinics.

    Rockfarm began by integrating its supply chain management system to provide Wells World Services visibility for each leg of the shipment lifecycle. Target delivery dates were engineered based upon transport schedules with each of Rockfarm’s service providers. Delivery targets were confirmed by Rockfarm and allowed Wells World Services to coordinate ground crews prior to the arrival of equipment and material in the country. This coordination allowed for each clinic to become operational on time with full medical capabilities.

    Integrated Supply Chain Management:

    • Integrated Web-Based Tracking
    • Shipment Lifecycle Visibility
    • Shipment leg Visibility
    • Mobile App Visibility

    As the Wells World Services supply chain became visible continuous improvement initiatives began to be engineered and initiated between Wells World Services, their Suppliers and Rockfarm. Movement of medical equipment and supplies bypassed the traditional consolidation points for shipping out of the U.S. and were shipped direct to Rockfarm’s Service Providers for direct movement out of the U.S. Rockfarm utilized its optimization tool to select the optimal departure port for consolidation point for each supplier shipment to minimize cost and improve overall transit time. Rockfarm worked closely with its service providers to ensure space and targeted delivery windows were kept intact throughout each shipment leg.

    Shawn Wells, CEO, Wells World Services:

    “Rockfarm has brought us the global visibility required to support our remote outpost medical clinics throughout the world and continue our expansion into the global market place.”

    The routing optimization resulted in lower cost, minimal transit time and less touch points within the U.S. for material and equipment shipping to each of Wells World Services Clinics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As Wells World Services continues to support remote medical clinics throughout the globe they will be facing increased challenges to build out and supply their facilities. Rockfarm’s integrated supply chain management system generates the visibility required to manage their supply chain. Coupled with Rockfarm’s account management support and strong service provider partners Wells World Services growth into future global markets will be supported by Rockfarm’s integrated supply chain solutions.

  • Seamless Shipment Process Drives Order Fulfillment Excellence Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS Delivers Process Excellence

    Customer Profile: A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

    A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is a major manufacturer of water works valves and fittings, high-pressure gas valves, and residential and commercial water pumping systems. Founded in 1856, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. has remained a family-owned company its entire existence. Headquartered in Dubuque, IA, A.Y. McDonald continues its long tradition of manufacturing valves and fittings for the water and gas industries in both residential and commercial sectors. Producing product in three manufacturing sites in the U.S., A.Y. McDonald distributes directly from each plant including a distribution site located in the western U.S. In addition to its manufacturing capacity, A.Y. McDonald also operates its own brass foundry. A.Y. McDonald’s vision is to be the leading producer of water and gas distribution.

    The Customer’s Initiative

    A.Y. McDonald’s shipment process was housed within their ERP as a shipment execution module. The absence of dynamic routing capability prohibited additional complexity within the carrier solution resulting in lost rate value. The challenge, drive a complex carrier solution model across all shipping locations while improving the shipment execution workflow within their pack bench process. This challenge included cross-modal execution within parcel, LTL and Truckload. Improving the work bench process was the critical component as A.Y. McDonald re-viewed potential options within their existing ERP, software modules and third party.

    The Rockfarm Solution

    The challenge was answered with A.Y. McDonald’s chosen Logistics Service Provider, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions. Rockfarm immediately began supporting the A.Y. McDonald project team and drove the project management of the overall initiative. Onsite due diligence led to “present state” mapping which produced the go forward “vision state.” Enablement of the Rockfarm integrated TMS gave A.Y. McDonald the capacity to add additional carrier providers to their supply chain network and begin routing optimization across their plants and distribution sites. Improved work flow processes for the pack bench included elimination of “end of day” manifesting for small package, implementation of dynamic LTL routing and auto tender processes for the A.Y. McDonald carrier providers. The result of A.Y. McDonald’s initiative was an overall reduction of 11% in direct freight expense, improved workflow within their pack.

    “Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS enabled us to optimize our shipment process within our pack bench workflow reducing resources and driving automated routing within our carrier solution resulting in 11% savings in our supply chain.” Brad Olberding, Director of Production Planning & Logistics, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

    “The challenge, drive a complex carrier solution model across all shipping locations while improving the shipment execution.”

  • Order Lifecycle Visibility Drives Sales Growth

    Customer Profile

    Klauer Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal building products for residential, agricultural and commercial building construction. Klauer is a family-owned company that has been a trusted leader in the sheet metal building products industry since its inception 145 years ago in Dubuque, IA. Today, Klauer manufactures a wide range of products including residential steel siding, soffit, and rainwear as well as flashing and roof edge products to a customer base ex-tending throughout the United States. In addition, Klauer provides metal roofing and

    Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS Delivers Increased Planning Visibility

    The Customer’s Initiative

    Increasing competitive pressure in the marketplace placed a heavy emphasis on Klauer Manufacturing to reduce manufacturing lead times and communicate accurate delivery dates to their customers. Reducing lead time became the number one objective to recapture lost business and grow their market share. The lack of visibility within the production cycle of when an order would be ready for shipping prompted senior leadership to take a holistic approach to the order lifecycle. In doing so a system to assist in driving visibility of the order became apparent to better understand choke points within the order process and enabling shipment routing optimization.

    The Rockfarm Solution

    As Klauer Manufacturing’s chosen Logistics Service Provider, Rockfarm enabled their integrated TMS to provide order lifecycle visibility from creation with Customer Service through to final delivery to the customer. In doing so, key time stamps were identified and recorded within the process to include order receipt, planning, scheduling, production, packaging, staging and shipping. Within each stage of the order life cycle visibility was engineered and reported in real time allowing for measurement against projected delivery times to the customer. By providing organizational visibility Klauer Manufacturing was able to address challenges in meeting customer commitments resulting in a significant decrease in their order lifecycle.

    The added benefit of the TMS Integration with the order lifecycle was the extended planning windows due to order visibility. This allowed for deeper route optimization utilizing Klauer’s company

    “Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS enabled us to reduce our delivery times to our customers resulting in improved customer service and increased sales.”

  • Control Tower Execution: Outbound Optimization ~ Inbound Visibility

    Control Tower

    The Rockfarm Control Tower is a central point of control that enables client visibility and optimization of their supply chain activity for both inbound and outbound shipments. Organized as a separate team within our Solutions group the Control Tower manages and executes shipments optimizing the mode of transport and carrier availability within specific lanes.

    Maximizing Visibility and Process Efficiency Through the Rockfarm Control Tower

    Executing the Supply Chain

    Control Tower Execution begins with detailed shipment information that is gathered from the vendor or shipper and confirmed against our client’s requirements. Shipment information is entered into the Rockfarm Vendor Managed Portal by the Vendor or by the Control Tower within our Transportation Execution Platform. The Control Tower optimizes each shipment to route via service and/or cost. Each shipper or vendor enterprise is unique and limits visibility of the user to their specific enterprise while providing overall visibility to our client for all shipment activity. Real-time visibility by our clients is immediate giving our clients purchasing, scheduling and customer service teams actual statuses of shipments during the shipment lifecycle. User defined, Exception and Performance reporting can all be scheduled and delivered via email to our client’s team in various formats.

    The Control Tower Benefits:

    •  Tailored System Configurations – Unique set up for each client to include Unlimited Users and Structured Visibility by User, no one size fits all approach.
    • Online Reporting to include user defined reports for real-time shipment activity, exception reporting, financial and performance based reporting.
    • Use of our Client’s Contracted Carrier Rates or Rockfarm Procured Solution Rates for carrier selection.
    • Documents – Create tailored branded documents to meet the needs of your business to include Bill of Lading, Labels, Pack Slip and International Export Documents.
    • Carrier Management – Continually reviewing carrier performance, rates, and value to create the best solution for the client

    Client’s Perspective

    “Visibility to our inbound vendor shipments has given our planning and purchasing departments a strategic edge in minimizing inventory and scheduling production of our finished products.”

    “Optimization of our outbound shipments is critical to maintain cost while still meeting our customers’ expectations. Rockfarm’s Control Tower delivers the results we need to maintain our competitive advantage in the market place.”

  • Procurement Initiative Drives $432k Bottom Line Savings

    Rockfarm’s Upstream Procurement Value Identifies Optimal Results

    Customer Profile

    Accuride Corporation is one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers and suppliers of commercial vehicle components in North America. Business and brand names include Billion Iron Works, Accuride Wheel End Solutions and Gunite. Production facilities include the Rockford, IL Plant that also serves as a foundry operation for the production of Gunite Brake Drums utilized within the commercial vehicle industry.

    The Customer’s Initiative

    Increasing pricing pressure in the market place prompted a pricing review of all Accuride Corporation purchased materials. As a result of this review, the Gunite Purchasing Team located in the Rockford, IL plant began identifying potential opportunities outside the traditional raw material supply chain and began to take a non-traditional look at their bulk raw materials used to produce their steel brake drums. One potential avenue to lower cost was to review their bulk coke material. Coke is used as a vital ingredient in the production of their steel brake drums in their foundry. The challenge was identifying the breakdown of their tonnage cost within the traditional delivered pricing structure that is typically used for bulk commodities. Today Gunite’s coke product is delivered via dump truck at a delivered price per ton. In reviewing all potential avenues to reduce cost, including freight expense, Gunite re-quested supply chain support from Rockfarm, their supply chain solutions partner.

    The Rockfarm Solution

    Rockfarm began supporting Gunite’s initiative by conducting a market analysis of freight costs from the processor to the Gunite plant. Once a baseline was established it allowed the Gunite Purchasing Team to breakout product cost from freight cost within the delivered price. Benchmarks were then identified for material and freight which allowed Rockfarm’s procurement team to begin mapping cost metrics of the bulk coke from the originating mine through the coke processor to Gunite’s plant in Rockford, IL. By pushing up the raw material value stream negotiations with each party in the product stream were leveraged with the focus on Gunite as the end customer to both the coke processor and the coal mine. As a result of efforts with the Gunite Purchasing Team, Rockfarm was able to identify value that resulted in $432k in savings off the current delivered price. The Gunite Purchasing Team was able to formalize a longer-term contract at a lower delivered price. The visibility created over the entire raw material value stream secured bottom line value for Accuride Corporation.

    Client’s Perspective

    “Rockfarm’s ability to provide market analysis and capture cost metrics, provided me with the visibility of our transportation costs that we did not have prior to engagement with Rockfarm on our cost reduction initiative” – Evan Haffenden, Buyer, Accuride Corporation

    “As a valued partner Rockfarm’s strategy to understand the entire product value stream enabled my team to identify the opportunities to reduce costs. As a result we delivered a big win for the organization and the Gunite Team.” – Jonathan VanPlew, Commodity Manager, Accuride Corporation.

  • Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions Starting From Scratch

    “MercuryGate has not become just a software service to us, but more of a partner in our business as we continue to grow.” — Brad Stewart, President

    New Lsp Needed A Multimodal Tms For All Services

    Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics service provider out of Illinois, started its business in 2008. As a startup company, Rockfarm began researching possible TMS solutions to support their business plans. Armed with an idea, Rockfarm needed a platform that could execute across all modes of transportation, manage all Service Types, and simultaneously offer the capabilities for optimization and Freight Audit.

    Having a system with the ability to offer services, starting with the sales process, all the way to final delivery of product with visibility throughout the cycle is important to Rockfarm. Equally important is the ability to onboard new clients while empowering the customer’s control over certain aspects of execution.

    Launching Domestic and International Services

    Rockfarm chose MercuryGate TMS as a platform that could handle all current requirements and add additional capabilities as their business grew. They launched in April of 2008 and brought on a few large clients in their first year, while setting up the processes that would propel their business in the years to come.

    Rockfarm has since been able to expand their service offering with a TMS that gives them room to grow. Since inception, Rockfarm has launched domestic and international service offerings using the MercuryGate TMS. The solution allows them Control Tower Visibility and data analytics that ensures they are meeting customer requirements throughout the life cycle of the service that was offered.

    We were in search of that ultimate platform that we knew could grow with us as we grew and that’s where MercuryGate was the chosen one. Having the technology base and platform of MercuryGate has enabled us to really grow and expand services beyond just the traditional transportation management.” — Brad Stewart, President


    Rockfarm required a solution that could execute across all modes of transportation, manage all service types, and simultaneously offer the capabilities for optimization and freight audit.

    The Solution

    Rockfarm chose MercuryGate TMS because it was a solution that could handle all current domestic and international requirements, while also giving them additional capabilities as their business grew.

    The Results

    Since adopting MercuryGate technology in 2008, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions has grown their business to over $98 million.

    About Mercurygate

    MercuryGate provides powerful transportation management solutions proven to be a competitive advantage for today’s most successful shippers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, and carriers. Through the continued release of innovative, results-driven technology and a commitment to making customers successful, MercuryGate delivers exceptional value for TMS users through improved productivity and operational efficiency.

    Expanding Services With Best-Of-Breed Technology

    MercuryGate has helped drive Rockfarm’s processes with best-of-breed technology that has allowed the company to expand its services to the transactional market. Rockfarm has experienced growth within their current client base with the flexibility and adaptability of the MercuryGate TMS. Even with the significant growth, it has had since 2008, the company continues to strive for bigger and better. The MercuryGate foundation is the right technology solution to help them get there.

    Tms Adoption Drives Revenue Across Multiple Lines Of Business

    Since the adoption of MercuryGate technology, Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions has grown their business to $98 million in eight years with a target to surpass $120 million in four more years.

    Approximately two-thirds of revenue comes from freight under management and the remaining third from transportation contract logistics and freight brokerage. Rockfarm manages this growth without significantly increasing the resources necessary to manage the business.

    Most recently, Rockfarm has taken their operations international with new freight forwarding services. With the power of MercuryGate TMS, Rockfarm is able to execute their business at a price point that is the most competitive in the marketplace. Rockfarm sees growth opportunities as MercuryGate introduces new functionalities and services. The company is now able to drive processes and quickly enhance those for both their current and prospective clients.