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  • Wells World Services chooses Rockfarm to Manage its Supply Chain to Iraq and Afghanistan

    Wells World Services chooses Rockfarm to manage its supply chain for the replenishment of its remote medical clinics. When Wells World Services was chosen to staff clinics in both Iraq and Afghanistan Rockfarm began managing the materials and stock required to buildout Wells World Services’ Clinics in five clinics located throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Challenges facing the startup of clinics included the lack of visibility within the supply chain as well as destination support to coordinate the final delivery leg of the inbound shipments needed to stock and furnish the medical clinics with equipment and supplies. The first task for Rockfarm was to provide shipment visibility from origin to final destination ensuring delivery confirmation at each of the medical clinics.

    Rockfarm began by integrating its supply chain management system to provide Wells World Services visibility for each leg of the shipment lifecycle. Target delivery dates were engineered based upon transport schedules with each of Rockfarm’s service providers. Delivery targets were confirmed by Rockfarm and allowed Wells World Services to coordinate ground crews prior to the arrival of equipment and material in the country. This coordination allowed for each clinic to become operational on time with full medical capabilities.

    Integrated Supply Chain Management:

    • Integrated Web-Based Tracking
    • Shipment Lifecycle Visibility
    • Shipment leg Visibility
    • Mobile App Visibility

    As the Wells World Services supply chain became visible continuous improvement initiatives began to be engineered and initiated between Wells World Services, their Suppliers and Rockfarm. Movement of medical equipment and supplies bypassed the traditional consolidation points for shipping out of the U.S. and were shipped direct to Rockfarm’s Service Providers for direct movement out of the U.S. Rockfarm utilized its optimization tool to select the optimal departure port for consolidation point for each supplier shipment to minimize cost and improve overall transit time. Rockfarm worked closely with its service providers to ensure space and targeted delivery windows were kept intact throughout each shipment leg.

    Shawn Wells, CEO, Wells World Services:

    “Rockfarm has brought us the global visibility required to support our remote outpost medical clinics throughout the world and continue our expansion into the global market place.”

    The routing optimization resulted in lower cost, minimal transit time and less touch points within the U.S. for material and equipment shipping to each of Wells World Services Clinics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As Wells World Services continues to support remote medical clinics throughout the globe they will be facing increased challenges to build out and supply their facilities. Rockfarm’s integrated supply chain management system generates the visibility required to manage their supply chain. Coupled with Rockfarm’s account management support and strong service provider partners Wells World Services growth into future global markets will be supported by Rockfarm’s integrated supply chain solutions.

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