• “In a world where you work with hundreds of different people, often changing on a daily basis, it is a pleasure to work with a dedicated team as committed to providing exceptional service. They are always professional, always friendly, and always looking to help in any way they can. I look forward to continuing our ever expanding relationship.”

  • “I have been working with Rockfarm for over a year now, and during this time my LTL portfolio has significantly expanded.  As one of their premier carriers, I can say that Rockfarm is “not just a 3PL”.  They truly have their customer’s best interests in mind.  I’ve witnessed them strive to find solutions for my customers & theirs, while always maintaining a positive business relationship with the carrier.  They are a wonderful partner to have in this industry.”  

  • “Rockfarm has a very experienced team who proactively manages the day to day shipment activity recognizing and resolving issues promptly. This experienced team coupled with their robust TMS system reduces our time involved with managing each Rockfarm client opportunity.”

  • “In this industry it’s hard to achieve a trusting relationship between carrier and customer. With Rockfarm it’s easy, you know what they expect and if you deliver you will be rewarded with their loyalty, and that can only come from experience and dedication to supporting the end customer.”

We feel strongly a good partnership requires three critical elements, ease of engagement, mutual interest and mutual benefit. These three elements form the foundation of our carrier partnerships from our transparency within our business to our initiatives designed to strengthen our shared values in the marketplace.

As a supply chain provider across all transport modes those initiatives include:

    • Carrier Sales Rep as your account manager and direct point of contact within our team.
    • Electronic Carrier Onboarding and Set Up.
    • Mobile App tender acceptance.

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