Business Intelligence


The collection of data points throughout your supply chain can be a formidable challenge. Once identified, correlated, and stored, the question arises of how to generate the actionable intelligence that can be used to develop strategic initiatives that drive value for the organization. The answer, format your data so it has meaning and is easily deciphered by the team. In the case of the supply chain, the data points are never ending and sources must be consolidated from various entities to complete visibility to the last stage of the order lifecycle.

At Rockfarm we believe that data enablement drives a business forward. To view and comprehend the data is the essence of our business intelligence platform, Supply Chain Glass. Whether your challenge lies in mapping your supply chain data from your ERP, WMS, TMS, or other sources, Rockfarm can give you one view of your supply chain across multiple data sources. Our Supply Chain Glass BI platform can be integrated with your internal applications to streamline access for all users. For more information on Rockfarm’s Supply Chain Glass BI tool please contact us.

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