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COACHES CORNER: “What Comes Next?”

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By all comparisons, 2020 raised the bar in presenting us with challenges to overcome both professionally and personally. Though the resounding response to 2020 becoming past history versus living history has been, “See ya.” There have been a number of lessons learned that we can use to keep our professional lives busy for the next couple of years.

First up is supply chain engagement. Obviously, the remote work requirement many of us endured and still do, clearly illustrated supply chain planning requires the ability to see and execute our supply chains at any time and from anywhere. By and large, most of us had the visibility and capability to plan and execute from anywhere. The questions arise around our customers, suppliers, and carriers. Is the same visibility and capability afforded within our technology that allows a 360-degree view of all parties within our supply chain? If not, the number one initiative for 2021: enable the visibility and execution of your supply chain with enhanced technology and reporting.

Secondly, e-commerce has been accelerated as a standard in conducting business. Does your company have the integrated platforms necessary to get current and stay relevant in the marketplace? E-commerce has now evolved as a platform of choice for consumers and buyers ordering across all products in both local and non-local markets with a wide variety of products. The e-commerce experience is now shaping our B2B ordering habits and supply chain technologies are required to keep your company relevant.

Lastly, preparation for the next disruption can no longer be pushed aside. The impact of the pandemic will be felt for a long time and the lessons learned captured to prepare for the next event. That preparation should include a business continuity checklist as part of a larger enterprise risk management program. For more information regarding supply chain planning please reach out to info@rockfarm.com for additional information.

Editorial Note: From all of us at Rockfarm, we wish you, your family, and your friends joy throughout this holiday season. We look forward to 2021 and your continued support of our digest. 2021 will bring a fresh look and more content to keep us focused on the challenges ahead.

For more information and our efforts in 2021 to push forward with our rate forecasting tool please reach out to info@rockfarm.com.

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Brad Stewart, President

By Brad Stewart

Co-Founder, CCO

Brad’s journey into logistics began as a Marine Officer and transitioned from the LTL docks to the non-asset side within the logistics service provider arena.  As a co-founder of Rockfarm, Brad drives our business development efforts and delivery of our promise. An Arizona native, Brad enjoys spending time outdoors in his home state with his wife and family.

“Our approach to the market allowed us an opportunity to push forward in 2008 and enable our mission, “lower the cost to serve” to stand as a cornerstone to our company today.”





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