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Newest Certified Transportation Brokers

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Certified Transportation Brokers (CTB)

L to R: Jesse Franklin, Matthew Randecker, Dalton Graham, Sarah Decker, Pat Shanahan, Pete Recker

Meet Rockfarm’s recent employees to pass TIA’s CTB course, becoming Certified Transportation Brokers (CTB).

Earning your CTB is the highest broker certification that exists and the most widely recognized distinction in the transportation industry. Our most recent group of those certified have ranged from first-year carrier sales to seasoned veterans.

“The TIA Certified Transportation Broker course is very informative and is certain to improve the knowledge of industry veterans and beginners alike. We at Rockfarm recognize that Dubuque, IA is not a large Logistics/Transportation hub, therefore we’ve devoted ourselves to growing our own talent. Offering this certification course internally not only assists in the growth of our team members in their individual career paths but also strengthens Rockfarm as a whole.” Matthew Randecker, Vice President of Solutions

TIA’s CTB coursework includes a rigorous online home study and exam program that covers all aspects of the transportation industry, leaving those who become certified with a wealth of knowledge.

“The material we cover in our course work and throughout the extensive, cumulative exam process required to obtain our TIA-administered Certification for Transportation Brokers (CTB) demands a dedication to understanding the foundation of the laws, ethics, operations, and relationships that support and insulate the transportation industry. In my experience, the achievement of completing the TIA’s CTB program brought about a new-found respect for the evolution of our industry’s regulations and services as they have changed throughout the years.” Dalton Graham, Customer Pricing Manager

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Brad Stewart, President

By Brad Stewart

Co-Founder, CCO

Brad’s journey into logistics began as a Marine Officer and transitioned from the LTL docks to the non-asset side within the logistics service provider arena.  As a co-founder of Rockfarm, Brad drives our business development efforts and delivery of our promise. An Arizona native, Brad enjoys spending time outdoors in his home state with his wife and family.

“Our approach to the market allowed us an opportunity to push forward in 2008 and enable our mission, “lower the cost to serve” to stand as a cornerstone to our company today.”


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