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The Greener Side to Covid-19

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, The Greener Side to Covid-19
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For those who are no longer commuting to work or traveling due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, your time spent off the road and out of the skies has had a positive effect on the global environment. In the graph above sourced from Nature Communications, we see that the largest contributions to the global decrease in emissions in 2020 come from ground transportation, the power sector and the aviation sectors.

Nature Climate Change published a report in March 2021 saying 2020’s carbon output fell by about 7% from the previous year. This is a bright spot to come from a year that in many ways was unpredictable and troubling. However, these results will need to be repeated once every two years to meet the safe worldwide temperature range by 2030 according to the Paris Agreement.


, The Greener Side to Covid-19

By Alana Reinhardt

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Alana Reinhardt has been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions since 2020. She brings her education from Eastern Illinois University and her passion for communication to her work as a content creator and inbound lead generator. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she can be found exploring the St. Louis area with her dog, Ernie, at her side.



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Paris Agreement-https://unfccc.int/sites/default/files/english_paris_agreement.pdf

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