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The Adoption of AI

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, The Adoption of AI

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We have all heard about self-driving trucks and drones delivering your packages. These trends are an example of how an increasing number of industries are implementing AI to maximize their workforce’s outputs. Supply chain initiatives that were previously too complex or time-consuming for an individual can now be powered by a machine in a fraction of the time. Supply chain professionals are using the applications to identify areas of improvement in addition to increasing their yield of services.

According to AI Multiple, automotive manufacturing, travel, transport and logistics service operations and high-tech product development are three of the top areas where AI is making its mark. These fields are even implementing demand forecasting to “reduce error rate significantly compared to traditional forecasting methods such as ARIMA, AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average, and exponential smoothing methods.” Will your company be adopting AI?


, The Adoption of AI

By Alana Reinhardt

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Alana Reinhardt has been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions since 2020. She brings her education from Eastern Illinois University and her passion for communication to her work as a content creator and inbound lead generator. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she can be found exploring the St. Louis area with her dog, Ernie, at her side.



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