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The 3D Revolution

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The need for on-demand products is only ramping up. Manufacturers are scrambling to meet the needs of consumers and many are turning to 3D printing as their solution. But what is the draw for these companies? Lead time reduction, complex geometries and mass reduction are the top three benefits companies are taking advantage of according to Sculpteo’s 2018 State of Industry report. This allows for a large increase in production and huge cost savings that previously were unavailable within traditional factory walls,

There are some who see flaws in the 3D printing revolution, however. Supply Chain Digital reports that “…it does have the highest potential to disrupt industries specialized in the production of highly complex and customized products… Along with the increased need for mass customization and on-demand printing, inventory levels are likely to decrease, as companies switch to a ‘build-to-order’ model.” Only time will tell how mainstream 3D printing becomes in the coming years.


, The 3D Revolution

By Alana Reinhardt

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Alana Reinhardt has been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions since 2020. She brings her education from Eastern Illinois University and her passion for communication to her work as a content creator and inbound lead generator. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she can be found exploring the St. Louis area with her dog, Ernie, at her side.



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