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, Staying Social

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The social media landscape is constantly changing, but the pandemic has really driven a lot of business to these social platforms. As we saw in 2020, many businesses’ reactions to the world shutting down is to launch even bigger on all socials. Social media is quickly becoming the main marketing channel for all B2B and B2C organizations. But what value can social media bring businesses that don’t fit the typical user pools for these networks?

According to Hootsuite’s recent Social Trends 2021 Report, 73 percent of all businesses ranked “increased acquisition of new customers” as their main goal for 2021. This means that everyone is trying to capture the attention of platform users at once. This will require your business to adjust and show off its individuality! Why should consumers view and engage with your content over the millions of others vying for their clicks? Consider trying a few new tricks in your posts to grab a new audience’s attention.


, Staying Social

By Alana Reinhardt

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Alana Reinhardt has been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions since 2020. She brings her education from Eastern Illinois University and her passion for communication to her work as a content creator and inbound lead generator. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she can be found exploring the St. Louis area with her dog, Ernie, at her side.



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