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Learn more about Rockfarm’s competitive advantage in terms of supply chain visibility and transparency from our president, Brad Stewart. To get started with our supply chain services, fill out our online form or give us a call at 815.573.0155 today!

Video transcription:

Today at Rockfarm, we deliver two key components necessary for a successful partnership: visibility and transparency. When we look at the challenges facing companies today, one of the missing components in terms of supply chain is visibility. Rockfarm delivers a platform of people, processes and technology to drive inefficiency out of your supply chain, giving you the resources necessary to compete at a higher level.

As an example, one of our clients in the food industry had the challenge of improving their truckload tendering process and their invoice reconciliation process. Rockfarm was able to deliver a solution that streamlined truckload tendering and implemented a match-pay process for carrier invoices, effectively removing the choke point for our client, enabling them to grow their business more effectively in the future. Rockfarm is a game changer. The old adage of great negotiations is a typical leverage point within a logistics service provider’s portfolio. Rockfarm takes it to a new level.

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