Become a Carrier or Fulfillment Agent

If you are a current carrier and need to get in contact with our team, please reach out via the TMS Portal.

What do we do for our agents?

  • We have a full agency services department dedicated to ensuring your success and supporting your
  • We provide the financial framework and structure to ensure your success. We handle that you can focus
    your efforts on expanding your business.
  • We provide you with a transportation management platform allowing you to execute your business
    across all modes so that you can manage your inbound and outbound transportation for your
  • We give you the tools you will need to succeed such as Office365, RingCentral, RFP Tool, our truckload
    spot index and MercuryGate.
  • We supply you with various load boards to meet all your transportation information needs.

What does it take to join the Rockfarm family?

  • All prospective agents should demonstrate a desire for development and innovation.
  • Above all else, our agents should have a hunger for success and a willingness to grow.
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