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Coupling a deep understanding of the dynamics of marrying a shipment to qualified providers with the complexity of moving freight throughout the NAFTA trade lanes, Rockfarm has its origins in the trucking industry.

Identifying the lack of visibility inherent to collaboration and partnership with the 3rd Party Logistics arena, Rockfarm brought its open costing approach and culture of accountability to the logistics service industry in 2008 with the formation of Rockfarm Logistics.

Two key principles guide our business, establishing our Client’s ownership of their supply chain and lowering our Client’s cost to serve. In 2008 we began our journey guided by those two principles introducing our open book approach that delivers our Client’s visibility to the procured rate as well overall approval of the carrier solution. Driving our Client’s visibility is our transportation management system and tool chest.

Since our startup, we have been a super user of MercuryGate which certified Rockfarm as an Integrator supporting direct shipper instances of the MercuryGate TMS. Our evolution in the MercuryGate platform has extended beyond our transportation management business to our full suite of services which today includes Logistics Solutions, Domestic & Global Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Claims Management, and Supply Chain Coach services.

Identifying a need among our clients and in the market, Rockfarm set out to give our shippers visibility into truck capacity with additional logistics resources to manage variable freight costs. In 2012, Rockfarm acquired RT&T Logistics, a freight brokerage company with small to Fortune 500 clients. Today RT&T Logistics provides logistics services across all transport modes enabling our clients to focus on their core competency. Delivering intermediary services on a transactional and contractual basis RT&T Logistics streamlines the delivery of the traditional freight brokerage model by integrating API spot rating, API and EDI shipment updates, and our business intelligence platform, Supply Chain Glass. 

After the acquisition of RT&T Logistics as a Rockfarm family company, we began to realize the opportunity to become the single source for our clients on a global scale. In 2016, Rockfarm took the next step and acquired Global Distribution & Logistics (GDL), an International Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker.

The result of our efforts has created a transportation management company that brings clients and carriers together with the single purpose of providing value. As a result of the support of our clients, we have continued to grow and deliver value add services for clients in the Fortune 500 and midsize markets. We see the future of supply chain delivering smart technology across multiple supply chain platforms in a seamless stream of data that generates flexibility, mitigates risk, and lowers cost.

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