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With a focus on sophisticated technology and flexible, customer-driven service, Rockfarm is a trusted provider of integrated supply chain solutions. Though our roots are in the trucking industry, over the years we’ve grown through strategic acquisitions and investments to become a full-featured global logistics company for businesses of any size. In everything we do, our goal is to help our customers succeed. This can include helping a small business identify more efficient ways to get their product to market, or providing outsourced supply chain solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and what we do, or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with a representative directly.

Since our inception in 2008, we have delivered a competitive edge to our clients and customers that has propelled us to become a leader in the delivery of integrated supply chain solutions. As a result of our culture of accountability, we have continued to expand our services and become a trusted partner to growing companies throughout the U.S.


"As a valued partner Rockfarm’s strategy to understand the entire product value stream enabled my team to identify the opportunities to reduce costs. As a result, we delivered a big win for the organization and the Gunite Team."

"Rockfarm’s ability to provide market analysis and capture cost metrics, provided me with the visibility of our transportation costs that we did not have prior to engagement with Rockfarm on our cost reduction initiative."

"Optimization of our outbound shipments is critical to maintain cost while still meeting our customers’ expectations. Rockfarm’s Control Tower delivers the results we need to maintain our competitive advantage in the market place."

"Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS enabled us to reduce our delivery times to our customers resulting in improved customer service and increased sales."

“Rockfarm’s Integrated TMS enabled us to optimize our shipment process within our pack bench workflow reducing resources and driving automated routing within our carrier solution resulting in 11% savings in our supply chain.”

“Rockfarm has brought us the global visibility required to support our remote outpost medical clinics throughout the world and continue our expansion into the global market place.”

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Why Choose Us

The answer is simple, results matter. In each of our client solutions, Complexity is Simplified, Visibility drives Improvement and our Expertise creates Advantage for our clients. As a supply chain solutions company, the advantage we create for our clients drives improved yield which in turn delivers growth.

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Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

The main goal of the team at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is to help our clients succeed. We do this by providing excellent customer services and innovative technology solutions to increase supply chain visibility and accountability.

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