RT&T Logistics- Rockfarm Family Company
  • “RT&T strives to meet customer requirements and expectations while setting the highest example of quality, on time delivery, and value through their total commitment. They are a great partner who has set a high standard in customer service and is committed to providing the most competitive pricing”. Toy Manufacturer

  • “Over the years, the level of service provided by RT&T has been fantastic.  They have covered everything from weekly loads to last minute requests allowing us to limit the time and follow up required when we were using previous providers”. Automotive Manufacturer

  • “RT&T continually provides exceptional service and is willing to do whatever it takes to help with the most difficult of requests. They are a great partner and their wide brokerage net allows them to cover any shipment for us. RT&T’s customer service is excellent and inquiries are promptly answered, which is crucial in today’s fast paced logistics environment.” Dairy Industry

  • “I look at RT&T as a partner instead of just another carrier. Their rates are competitive and the level of communication is exceptional. In the retail environment when everything is needed “last week”, RT&T is on the ball. With this past winter, when other carriers were asking for top dollar, RT&T kept prices reasonable but not at the expense of customer service. ” Farm Industry Retail

  • “RT&T Logistics has helps us by covering freight on a variety of our shipping lanes. The fact that someone knowledgeable and courteous is always there to answer questions and propose solutions makes RT&T Logistics a great asset to our logistics solution.” Major Beverage Company


Full suite of services across Canada/USA/Mexico, all modes and services.

At RT&T Logistics we are here to help our clients grow. Whether a client has one shipment per month or 1000, we handle each shipment with the same importance.

No matter your industry or project size, we are here to help drive savings and service. By combining our knowledge and skill with your Logistics needs, we act as an extension of your Logistics department.


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    One Place. One Platform. One Process.

    We are driving our FAST clients forward creating visibility and routing efficiency. Our clients see an average of 20% savings routing via FAST. Within FAST we take your carriers and relationships and place them alongside FAST pricing. We are not looking to change what you do, but enhance it. The value of FAST drives from efficient routing.

    Our web based platform pulls in carriers that are the best fit for your routing, whether it’s your pricing or ours. FAST provides tribal knowledge within your shipping department, it takes the guessing game out of shipping!


  • screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-1-46-47-pmNeed more time concentrating on your business rather than headaches with Logistics? RT&T Logistics is here to help our clients grow and to relieve your day by taking away headaches and worries.

    Our tracking and tracing team monitors each driver via their GPS location. This location is updated within our TMS, providing full visibility to our client with the driver’s location.

    Our clients access the tracking locations via our smart phone app or web based user. By tracking via GPS locations, this gives RT&T Logistics the ability to act proactively, if a driver is showing behind schedule or off route, we are able to provide details earlier than waiting for the driver to call with a delay. Our tracking and tracing process also drives safety, we strive to keep drivers concentration on the road and not on the phone with our team.

  • At RT&T Logistics we understand the importance of service to the end client. We stand out amongst our competitors with our 20 minute maximum response time. Our team of dedicated account representatives keep communication open while bringing a solution, not a problem.

    Should an issue arise with a shipment, we know our clients directives and policies. At RT&T Logistics we operate as an extension to your Logistics Department, being aware of your needs gives us the ability to make decisions and bring a solution.

    Does your receiving department want to know how many pounds of steel are coming in today? We will send them a daily report notifying them of what to expect. Do you want to know how many pallets shipped today? You can receive a report at closing time each day summing up your numbers from the day. Do not spend more time crunching numbers, let us do that for you instantly.

  • RT&T Logistics client base ranges from 1 person companies to Fortune 500. Our growing freight brokerage gives our clients the capability to have one contact across all modes and fulfillment services within USA/Canada/Mexico trade lanes.

    As a subsidiary of Rockfarm, RT&T Logistics gains access to comprehensive supply chain insights which enables more proactive responses to trends and challenges affecting the logistics industry.

  • At RT&T Logistics our top service begins with our Carrier selection process. We know that our service and safety begins with the use of trusted and established carrier partners.

    Our carrier partners go through a qualification process confirming identity, monitoring insurance coverage and their safety rating. There are new trucking companies starting up daily, it is our job to weed through to ensure only the best are hauling our clients freight.

  • We have stepped out of the typical broker world and created our own unique approach to logistics to better meet our client and carrier’s needs. We understand that without our trusted carrier partnerships, we cannot succeed. We have successfully bridged the gap that compromised service and carrier partnerships allowing us to meet and exceed our partner’s and client’s needs. 

    At RT&T Logistics our freight routes via our internal routing guide and Load Connect before hitting a public board. We saw a need for using our trusted carrier partners first, with public boards being a last resort. We hand pick our carriers that are included within Load Connect, our clients see the same carriers hitting their dock regularly. By handling our shipments via our routing guides and Load Connect, our carriers see our commitment to keeping them moving and in return provide the service our clients need and deserve.