Supply Chain Consulting

The challenge has been placed, “identify the optimal distribution network for your company’s five-year growth plan.” The question, “How do I make this happen with limited resources?” The answer — “Supply Chain Coach.”

Challenges like this and many others we face can be daunting if you do not have the resources or expertise to tackle them. At Supply Chain Coach, we provide the resources, tools and know how to support your initiatives enabling growth and development of your supply chain.  


We work with shippers and 3PL’s to improve their business and position themselves for growth in the marketplace. Our team of coaches will lay the groundwork to your next supply chain initiative and coach your team to achieving the objectives. We bring out the best in your team, and help foster a culture of continuous improvement. Whether it is a TMS or WMS implementation or supply chain support services we bring a deep bench of expertise to achieve your goals.

Our approach, coach your team to build competence within your organization, not dependence on us. It is not enough in today’s competitive market to manage and execute for today, you have to plan for tomorrow’s challenges. Supply Chain Coach’s bench strength can support you path to supply chain superiority as your supply chain adds complexity and adjusts to the market and increased demands of the customer.

Our Coaching Services

  • Acquisition, Growth, Downsizing or Customer Realignment could all be factors in determining the best footprint to take delivery from your suppliers and meet the delivery demands of your customers. Supply Chain Coach can support the “what if” scenario build out and illustrate the comparative between the present baseline and the ROI benefit in moving to a future state.

  • Technology advancement is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Identifying the right technology to support you supply chain is critical. Whether your needs center on a WMS, TMS or other needs, choosing the right provider and software can be the difference in meeting your goals or failing your customer. Supply Chain Coach’s expertise in supply chain software can support your decision on choosing the right software.

  • Managing the integration of new supply chain software or onboarding your next customer lays the groundwork for a successful launch. Supply Chain Coach can support your next project as a direct project manager or support roles within the project to ensure project timelines are met and ROI justification is achieved.

  • Qualified resources are our most valuable asset and when there is a disruption within the organization Supply Chain Coach can support your team while the right resource is identified and trained. Our ability to support onsite or remote can minimize any disruption to your operations and support documenting processes and job descriptions as you search for valued resources.

OUR APPROACH: We’re Coaches, not Consultants.

Our proven, step-by-step approach addresses each task in the correct sequence. We’ll resolve significant material and information flow issues throughout your entire network, target areas in your supply chain that can benefit most from new processes and technology, and guide your implementation.

Let’s Upgrade Your Supply Chain

Not sure where to start? Concerned you’ll overhaul your logistics only to find out the new model doesn’t work? Our coaches use a proven, step-by-step approach that performs each task in the correct sequence.

  • Extracting historical data on inbound and outbound shipments is an essential first step and a difficult one for most companies.

    We establish a baseline for our models by plugging in your historical purchase order details such as origin, destination, weight/cube, freight cost, freight class (if LTL), and mode.

    Often, the right historical data is hard to locate both internally and from the carriers who handle your freight. Our coaches have been down this road many times and can guide your team or do this ourselves.

  • We analyze the shipment history to develop a freight profile. This consists of origin and destination maps and mode specifics that we use to determine which “what if’ scenarios to focus on. For example, what if we consolidated distribution centers or introduced pool points?

    We then run model scenarios, study the optimized results, and together with your team agree on a proposed solution.

  • Having identified the solution, there remains a substantial amount of groundwork to prepare for implementation:

    • Establish the metrics by which we will be able to measure success.
    • Consider if Transportation or Warehouse Management Software should be part of your solution.
    • Determine applicable business rules such as shipping and receiving hours.
    • Integrate the new process with accounts payable and accounts receivable.

    As we perform each of these tasks, our coaches are available to help your team as needed, but we ensure that your team develops the skills and experience that will serve them well as your business (and logistics needs) evolve.

  • During the construction phase, we:

    • Configure your new transportation network or warehouse configuration and load it with all the initial set up information developed during the design phase.
    • Run tests to make sure it performs as required.

    At this point, our coaches are in the fortunate position of understanding your business requirements and having decades of logistics improvement under their belts. They know how to set up data tables so they will work for you, how to build in your business rules, etc. Your managers are not only guided through each step but trained to handle variations that could arise in the future.

  • Two of the most critical and often challenging tasks are:

    • Getting your personnel to write standard operating procedures for the processes your new model requires.
    • Making sure the staff is trained to use and manage their new process, whether it’s changes in workflow, or adoption and full implementation of new software.

    Our experienced coaches help your managers run tests to uncover any details that are missing from the written procedures and set guidelines to handle exceptions.

  • With a trained staff that has gone through the entire process from data extraction to implementation, you now have a team that is capable of periodically revisiting the data and proposing new solutions.

    We recommend that you begin this process four to six weeks after implementation:

    You will have captured a complete set of data that will provide operating results for your new transportation and/or warehouse process.

    Your management team will be able to identify current or new processes to modify for greater results in service and cost.

    For example, if you began with seven distribution centers, you may now have enough data to determine that only five are needed or that one or more should be relocated to achieve maximum cost savings and improved service to your customers.

    Our coaches are still available, as needed, if you run into problems or want them to review any new solutions you propose.

Transportation Optimization

One of the many services we offer is Transportation Optimization. As a MercuryGate Integrator our Optimization expertise is executed on a daily basis within private fleet routing, real time shipment optimization and future cast scenarios to illustrate the “what if” outcomes.

Optimize Your Distribution Network 

There are strategic opportunities undiscovered in your transportation data. Our rigorous process reveals those opportunities, models the benefits, and provides the ROI to win alignment in your organization. With decades of expertise helping both shippers and 3PLs, we can cost-effectively take your distribution network to the next level.

Are you letting your TMS do the heavy lifting?

Are you letting your TMS do the heavy lifting?

Whether you’re using MercuryGate, 3PL Central, or any other TMS software, we can be the transportation expert you wish you had on your team.

We can help unlock the value of your investment, whether through TMS selection, implementation, strategic optimization, custom portals or analytics solutions (We call this Supply Chain Glass™).

Are you optimizing every load for least-cost mode?

Are you optimizing every load for least-cost mode?

Inbound and outbound transportation make up two-thirds of your logistics costs, so your profitability depends on controlling these. We’ll have you optimizing daily or weekly with Mojo for MercuryGate (or comparable).

Negotiating lower transportation rates has its limits. Go too far and you’ll trigger carrier fallout or quality issues like damage and delay. Uncover lasting savings by mining your historical data and performing strategic analyses of your transportation network.

TMS Optimization

  • Our disciplined approach to optimizing your clients’ delivery networks can seamlessly complement the services you’re currently offering. And our innovative analytics platform, Supply Chain Glass™, is a game-changer that will differentiate you from your competition.

    Could you win new business if you could offer “continuous supply chain improvement”?

    Is customer satisfaction with deliveries where you would like it to be? Do you have the technology you need to model and manage your customers’ supply chain? Can you model a new supply chain concept for prospective customers based on their historical data?

    • Generate ongoing savings as opposed to one-time cost reductions.
    • Always select the least-cost mode while at the same time improving delivery performance.
    • Automate certain functions so your employees can focus on higher value activities.
  • Automate your customers’ supply chain with affordable, on-demand software that requires no upfront investment and yet can reduce labor and shipping costs dramatically.

    • Improve turn rates by generating reports of slow moving items.
    • Provide better operation ratios for your transportation carriers and lower your costs by using your TMS for route optimization, leaving the carrier where reloads are possible.
  • Our coaches can help you develop a process for driving a customer solution from initial contact through a multiyear agreement. We’ll ensure you avoid chasing illusory savings such as cuts in transportation costs that result in deliveries missed and clients lost.

    We don’t just leave you with a set of recommendations and a hefty bill. Our supply chain coaches not only show your managers how to improve your operation and your clients’ supply chain but train them, on the job, so that they develop the expertise to make continuous improvements and adjust to changes such as new product lines and route expansion or contraction.

  • Whether you’ve engaged a 3PL or are looking for solutions your own team can carry forward, Supply Chain Coach can be your strategic partner. Your supply chain may be the only place left in your organization where you can extract savings without cutting assets or resources- we can help you find those savings. And our innovative analytics platform, Supply Chain Glass™, can unlock the value of your logistics data to drive continuous supply chain improvement.

    • Generate continuous savings, not one-time cost reductions.
    • Source and acquire components with granular visibility and on-time delivery that closely keeps pace with the demand for your products.
    • Avoid large inventories of components due to lack of visibility into raw material freight.
    • High tech components can have as short a shelf life as perishable foodstuff.
  • Within a range of areas, from warehouse performance to on-time delivery to cost-per-pound to cost-of-transportation-as-a-percentage-of-sales.

    • Make use of new low-cost on demand software that requires no upfront investment.
    • Avoid illusory savings such as cuts in transportation costs that result in deliveries missed and clients lost.
    • Lower or eliminate labor costs through implementing technology and streamlining processes
    • Pre-negotiate costs of transportation to customers so that you can invoice customers immediately with all costs instead of waiting to learn shipping charges.

    Our supply chain coaches not only show your managers how to improve your supply chain but train them – on the job – so that they develop the expertise to make continuous improvements and adjust to changes such as new product lines and expansion or shifts in your distribution network.

RiSC- Risk in Supply Chain
RiSC Rockfarm

Is your Supply Chain at Risk? Let’s find out how transportation management in your supply chain compares to your peers within the industry and shippers across a wide spectrum of industries. This assessment will provide a RiSC score based upon three criteria: The Customer Experience, Risk and Cost. Each criteria is scored to provide you an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses within your Supply Chain.

Comparisons to other shippers and most importantly within your industry is also illustrated. Our no cost RiSC assessment provides a snapshot of potential improvement areas and supports your ROI to mitigate RiSC in the transportation management segment of your supply chain. Once you complete your assessment you will receive your RiSC assessment which includes a breakdown of each criteria. We look forward to providing you this assessment on behalf of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions.