global distribution and logistics
Global Transportation & Supply Chain Solutions

Go Global with our International Services

How can we help? By giving you full visibility of your global supply, simplifying the complex and supporting your teams in fulfillment of your customer promise. As a Rockfarm Family company, we have developed our global service to include complete fulfillment of import and export shipping, customs clearance services, distribution management and product sourcing in foreign markets.


Global Transportation

Core Services: Air Freight • Ocean Freight • Sea/Air Freight

Distribution Management

Core Services: Warehouse Management • Inventory Control • Solutions

Customs Brokerage

Core Services: Customs Clearance • Consulting

Product Sourcing

Core Services : Buying • Supplier Sourcing • Supplier Qualification • Product Testing

Logistics Services

Systematization of your Global Supply Chain requires a Global Partner that leads by delivering a personal touch to your global needs. Our clients compete due to efficiency in delivering their product to the marketplace. Our job, get our clients shipments delivered on time in the most efficient way possible. To do this, we couple our processes, team and technology together to execute our clients global supply chain.

Success builds trust and trust leads to deeper support of our client’s global supply chain. As a result, we engage a supply chain much deeper than most international forwarders. This includes sourcing components or finished goods in foreign markets, customs consulting, order management and supplier qualification. Globalization, Emerging Markets, Off or Near Shoring, Speed to Market, are all common descriptors for our changing environment and the challenges we face with the delivery of our products on a global scale.