Rock Technologies
Engineering & Technology Solutions

Rock Technologies is a dedicated IT department for your logistics team. 

We deliver visibility, simplified data access, analytics and management tools from a team of IT and project management experts with experience in logistics and transportation. 

Our clients recognize significant cost savings through streamlined processes, better decision-making and data consistency.  And because our team knows the industry and are skilled in project management, the solutions we deliver are implemented quickly and efficiently.

  • The goal of analyzing your supply chain is to reduce cost and improve inefficiencies.   This can be done a number of ways but can include; reducing the carbon footprint, managing suppliers, better routing and improving customer satisfaction.

    With data analysis, you can identify opportunities and risks and make improvements to keep your operation working efficiently

    Analysis can be performed as a one-time evaluation or we can set up regular reporting.

  • The data and systems are there but sometimes it’s complicated to access them.  Our team delivers user friendly tools to simplify the process.

    We, also, provide our clients the ability to customize interface functionality by user type or location.

  • Most companies utilize a variety of applications and systems whether they are packaged or propriety.  When clients implement a system integration, it allows multiple systems to operate in a coordinated fashion with a common data format. 

    As a result, integration allows clients to streamline their functions and maintain data consistency.

  • The success of any project is dependent on all the functions and tactics coming together in a coordinated and timely manner. 

    Our team of professional have the tools and experience in managing successful IT and non-IT projects. This also includes working cross functionally to make sure that all stakeholders and contributors are involved and moving through the stages of productive design and implementation.

  • Rock Technologies is experienced in selecting, implementing and managing a broad set of logistics applications (WMS, TMS, Inventory Management, CRM, etc.).  This takes the burden off our clients to explain industry terms to an internal IT department or 3rd party provider.

    In addition, they have expertise in building data warehouse to ensure your data is accurate and accessible from any of your applications.

Our team of cross functional professionals have experience in a wide variety of business disciplines from programming and networking, project management, customer service, and sales and marketing, to name a few. This combination of skills enables us to manage the details within the larger context of your business.

 You can trust Rock Technologies to deliver the technology and engineering solutions that drive value to your bottom line.